Sociopathic Behavior in Lucid Dreams

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Re: Sociopathic Behavior in Lucid Dreams

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Jul 2014 01:14

While it is true that lucid dreamers can develop a fair amount of control regarding the content and action in their dreams, it seems like "the awareness behind the dreaming" is still the main dream director.

One of the proposed functions of dreams is an attempt by the unconscious mind to to re-balance some attitude, behavior pattern, or perceived situation which is out of balance in the dreamer's life. Shy people may dream about being more confident socially. Overly pious people may dream of enjoying sensuous or unlawful behaviors. Criminals may sometimes dream about engaging in kinder, more ethically positive behaviors.

A big problem with sociopathic or psychopathic individuals is that, either because of genetic influences, or because they suffered terrible abuse and neglect as children, they may never have developed the psychological attributes of empathy, insight, and emotional self-control.

These dangerous people tend to be terribly paranoid, and they usually project all of their fears and confusion outward -- onto "Those people who are out to get me and must be eliminated", or "That great government conspiracy which is generating strange radio signals in my head."

My guess is that the ordinary or lucid dreams of these people may be contain violent, fearful, confused imagery -- intermixed with dream images and themes which attempt to present a more balanced, healthy world view to the dreamer. However, without personal insight, and without the presence of some wise guide, with whom the troubled individual manages to develop rapport, it seems like the outcome is often not good.

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