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Re: Drugs

Postby HAGART » 19 Jul 2014 09:45

Yup, towns and cities are 'alive'. And I was sober when I came to that conclusion. But perhaps it takes a little psychedelics to initiate that train of thought. George Carlin would say so. ;)

In a city, suburb, or town, they are designed so everyone lives in a domicile, which is a cell. Let's look at it organically and just call them cells of a larger organism. Let's take a step away, and look at it objectively and who cares who lives inside. All we know is, food is delivered and waste is emitted. Just like a cell. Sometimes it's not delivered and a car pulls out to get more food and worthless 'stuff' to make the cell happy. It flows down a conduit of roads and highways, gets clogged at a few places before finding another organ. (Like blood cells through capillaries and veins, only to find another organ... a grocery store, or the dump). These cells known as vehicles move food and waste around. (All the product packaging and plastic and a Thigh-Master is useless). The white T-Cells are Police, Ambulance and Firefighters, and even Soldiers to a 'foreign organism'. Every town has a city hall, and that's the brain that governs the organism. (Although brainless ;) ) Garbage men, and water treatment is the solid and liquid waste of the super organism that is being created. There's much more and I can go on and this is just brain storming.

I didn't word it right, but you get the idea. Get a bunch of humans living together and it's no different than a colony of bacteria. We are creating a larger organism, but it's in disarray right now and needs to be stream lined. But it must adhere to human whims and desires. Our body's cells don't go out to nightclubs, or feel a need to get high, and all that emotion that simple celled organisms have. But we humans do. We have this thing called, "desire". We need to keep that in mind when we create our living, breathing super-organism known as civilization. But don't forget the basics that evolution has already so eloquently streamlined.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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