I still remember

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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I still remember

Postby nawick » 08 Aug 2014 17:24

Long ago I had a dream where I was driving a cream colored classic, a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass along the border between Arizona and Mexico. It was hot and the car started to overheat. Then the hot light came on and the engine made "bad sounds" so I pulled off into the weeds. I opened the hood and knew from it happening to EVERY Olds I had ever owned that the water pump had blown out, and all the coolant was gone. I had a 12 pack of Mountain Dew on ice in the cooler. So I sat on the trunk and drank dew and waited and waited until an old beat up dodge pickup pulled up. The man didn't speak English but nodded and grimaced when he saw green mess on the engine. He used hand signals to tell me to get in, and then he pulled off the road and started driving across the prairie. We soon were at a town. It had an adobe church, a brick hotel/restaurant/general store/bar, a gas station, and a bunch of run down buildings. I tried to give the guy some money but he just grinned and shook his head no. He got out and almost dragged me to the gas station. We went to the garage and my rescuer talked with the attendant/mechanic. The mechanic walked out to an old 1950s tow truck and told me that he could bring the car back, but it would be a few days before he could get the water pump. I agreed and gave him $50 as a deposit. I went to the store and rented a room. Then I bought a bottle of beer (brown glass, not clear) and went to see where I was stuck at. Outside there was something that looked like a pole barn and a guy was sitting in the shade that it made. I went over and sat down in the shade too. The guy was an American who had lost his leg in the Viet Nam war. We talked about how he felt betrayed and that a piece of fiberglass didn't make up what had happened to him. He couldn't find work and his government check was too small so he was living in Oruga where the scarcity of money helped. I bought him a beer and he told me how he has lost his leg from blood poisoning from getting scratched in the jungle. I bought another round and when I came back he was gone. It was late afternoon so I asked if the the restaurant was selling food. The woman bar tending said she would let her mother (who was the owner) know I wanted to eat. I sat down in a booth (hadn't been there earlier, but then, this is a dream) and she brought a plate of tortillas and a mixture of meat, cubed potatoes, chilis all in a thick sauce. I asked her for water and she told me no. The food was fantastic. there was no silverware so I had to eat it like how you eat Ethiopian Sponge bread. When i was done, it was night, and there were about a dozen people in the place. They played polka and mariachi on an ancient juke box and I danced with the bar tender. And with her mother. And everyone else did too, since there were only 3 women in town. We drank Cortez Mescal with beer chasers, and soon I needed to go to bed. I went up to the little room above the general store that had a bed, a sink with running water and a big oval rag rug. I went to sleep and had a strange dream that I could not remember when I woke up. I woke up late (still in the dream though) with a mild hangover and went down to the grill. The bartender smiled at me knowingly and gave me a plate of Green Chilis and fried potatoes topped with fired eggs. Also a glass of bloody Mary mix with some Cortez in it. The food was great, the drink not so much. Then she took me on a tour. We walked around the town and she pointed out all the stores that used to be there. (The Church was no longer there for some reason). She said that the town was a place where many jimadors lived before the the Agave died out and the Distillery was bought by a huge conglomerate and shut down. The jimadors moved to where the jobs were and now Oruga was almost dead. She told me about the viet nam vet who was squatting in one of the old houses. She told me about her mother who was about ready to move to the city. She said she had to go back to mind the store.

This is already really long, but anyway, the dream went on from there for 3 days until my water pump was fixed. I lived the whole thing. There might have been skips and jumps but I didnt notice them. I talked the the mechanic and the Vet again. I couldnt talk tho the woman who owned the hotel because I dont know Spanish. I ate 2 meals a day, and each night we danced to the jukebox. Each night I went to sleep and woke up in that little town inside my dream! It was like living a complete different life, and when I woke up for real, I wanted to go back. And the best thing about it was that I wasn't observing and critiquing what was happening. I didn't even realize I was dreaming! I was LIVING IT! It was grand.
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