To you all, who have problems regarding to WILD

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To you all, who have problems regarding to WILD

Postby Daviddd » 23 Aug 2014 22:04

After trying to WILD for few months, I've found a little secret. Earlier, I just used to lie down still without moving my limbs for 30-40 minutes; waiting for a dream to just somehow start. Obviously, it didn't work. Now, I've discovered that if you want to WILD, you have to consciously fall asleep. It means, you have to ACTUALLY fall asleep, not just lie down and wait for a dream. This is exactly why I like DEILD. After waking up in middle of the night, just act as you normaly would. However, keep your mind busy by thinking about something and focus on your breath. Soon enough, everything will get white (atleast, thats what happens in my case) and then you will feel floating and flying around. This is a sleep paralysis, make sure you do not open your eyes. You may just try to get up or somehow float out of body, or just wait for a dream start. Wish you nice dreaming :)!

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Re: To you all, who have problems regarding to WILD

Postby LucidityMaster » 23 Aug 2014 23:21

Hey there, David

I am sure everyone on this forum will be grateful for you sharing your lucid dreaming experiences.

Thank you for contributing your knowledge to this forum.

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