I am Cullman The Dreamer

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I am Cullman The Dreamer

Postby Cullman » 25 Aug 2014 02:56

Helloooo guysss I'm new here so treat me well. I have been very intrested in dreams all of my life, and I can remember tons and tons and tons of dreams. I've been recalling dreams after waking up all of my life, I see color, and hear sounds...For some reason I think this is special because alot of people say you cannot see colors. But I know what I am seeing. I'm 21 and I am a computer science major in college. I also race dirtbikes. I live a very different life in my brain than alot of people "like me". I feel as if I am an Indigo child even though I don't go around saying this. I've never joined a dreaming forum, but I am very interested in sharing my dreams, and hopefully my lucid dreams with everybody and hopefully we can expand on eachothers positive thoughts.

I remember my dreams with complete vivid details.
For example last night I was very frustrated because I had 2 coins that were portals, both had to be opened in order to pass through one portal to the other. But everytime I tried showing my friends how to use it, it wouldnt work. I could go into detail about this dream but it wasn't lucid. But the portal thing was really cool. And I hope to have a lucid dream tonight or in the morning.

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Re: I am Cullman The Dreamer

Postby LucidityMaster » 25 Aug 2014 03:06

Hey There, Cullman :D

Welcome to the world of lucid dreaming!

You sound like you have a natural dream recall, which is an excellent advantage for lucid dreaming.

There are many supportive people here, and I hope your fascination with dreams continues.

If you would like to improve on your lucid dreaming skills, there is a wealth of good information available.

I hope you enjoy your stay here,


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