First Experience

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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First Experience

Postby skepticalmystic » 28 Aug 2014 00:57

My first experience was between sleep and awake, and I started to "pulsate" deeply from within to out, or in other words it seemed to 'originate' from a point within that I can best describe as coming from infinity ... the pulses felt like the circle waves of dropping a pebble in a pond, radiating outward in all directions ... I was afraid and recall thinking such a stream of thought such as "what is going on here, don't wake up, let it happen, Im scared, etc". The pulse was deep and slow rather than "fast and quickening vibrations", of which I have had many since this first experience, and I felt as if I might explode into a zillion pieces if I did not relax in to the vibration, as resisting it was like standing still facing a sand storm of particles that were "hitting" my matter because I was not "going with the flow" of it ...

Then the space between my eyes (third eye) opened up in a way that looked like the aperture of a camera, with overlapping "shutters" parting outward from the center in a spherical way and I could see into that space, and also heard a voice that seemed to have a radio transmission type quality to it in sound rather than say directly in my ear, or conversational ... I saw someone, the source of the voice in a landscape and both the figure and the landscape objects had a 2 dimensional 'cardboard cutouts' appearance to them ... my fears were causing me to start to get more conscious and I don't recall exactly what was said, but do recall one certain phrase, and that was "a means to communicate" prior to coming back to consciousness, fully aware of having just had a major life-changing event ... I had been meditating alot, reading a "spirtual-type book", and had just finished reading the book before I fell asleep, and that book was on my chest at the time.

I was completely shocked at this experience, it felt like something that happened TO me, rather than something I created other than being "open to experience something" ... after that which was decades ago it was easy to have more experiences, and when closing my eyes, even during the day, I often would see a pinpoint of light, or felt as if the darkness was this huge expansive space ...I considered them experiences rather than dreams, but what is the difference in this case, I suppose. It was an adventure to intend to have an experience and then have one ... and a surprise each time, always something very unique and different. My attitude has always been a "not my will but thine be done" kind of approach, rather than trying to create a dream event, more of a "letting me go and allowing whatever will happen happen" ...

I am not sure if this is lucid dreaming, likely some form of that, as from what Ive read here the process to get there is exact ... with the exception I will say that I always did kind of have the intent of having a "higher consciousness" experience ... in my intent, I wanted something "mystical and spiritual" ... and then that is usually what I received so I guess likely I have influenced it ... ?

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