I got Lucid this morning...pretty wierd

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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I got Lucid this morning...pretty wierd

Postby AegmosTrip » 31 Jan 2012 18:42

I fell asleep around 11:00 pm,I think,slept pretty good,then woke up around 1:15 am and
took two capsules of Lucid Dreamer,available thru dreamamins.com,(it's GALANTAMINE and CHOLINE)
also took some valerian.I then had a hard time falling back to sleep but then fell asleep in the early
dawn hours and thats when then lucid dream kicked in.I started to dream I was in a house I lived in
back in 1988 and could sense the sound of shuffling footsteps,very vivid and loud,then a dog showed
up that was a family pet from childhood.Then things shifted and I woke up in the dream and knew I
was in the 'dream dimension'.It seemed like my bedroom,but somehow different.
I tried pushing my index finger into the palm of my left hand and I could not push it thru all the way,but
the sensation and visuals were very different,almost looking 'fuzzy'.
I then decided I could 'float' my way down the hallway of our house and cruise around and see what was
in the other rooms.I seen someone sleeping in one bedroom.Then went into another room where I thought
my computer would be,but no computer there.Hmm,strange.Then I went to another room and seen some
neatly made beds with objects on them that looked like colored beads.Strange.
Then I went to yet another room and noticed some person was in my bed.I turned on a table lamp and the
person(a male) said ,"Hey,what are you doing?" I then noticed there were NINE table lamps,all lit up and
was trying to turn the switch to turn them off,but it was difficult to turn them off.
I then got a message and a visual inside the dream that leaving the lights on is a serious violation and
against the law as it could damge our product,and product means everthing in this world so keep things
in the dark or else you'll be in big trouble.
I don't remember much else,I think I woke up and wished I could go back to dream world.

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