Moldavite stones for dreaming

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Re: Moldavite stones for dreaming

Postby Inedible » 10 Sep 2014 22:45

It is a problem of context. In order to make an argument about why moldavite or any other stone works - or doesn't work - it is necessary to do it in the context of a belief system. We don't have enough in common to make references to beliefs that could build an argument either way.

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Re: Moldavite stones for dreaming

Postby Shakaza » 18 Sep 2014 17:41

Yeah, I suppose that's true. How 'bout we both drop it and carry on with our lives?

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Re: Moldavite stones for dreaming

Postby lucidity4life » 23 Apr 2016 19:43

Summerlander wrote:This is bullshit. If you manage a lucid dream with these shitty pebbles it is because you have been thinking about it and something like the placebo effect could be at work. You stand more chances of lucid dreaming if your perform reality checks throughout the day.

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prove it. before lucid dreaming was popular people would say it's b.s. but now we know it's not. quartz does have piezoelectric properties, and is used in all electronics. it's been scientifically proven that they can hold memory, as can water. google dr emotto water crystals. so i find it plausible

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Re: Moldavite stones for dreaming

Postby lucidity4life » 07 May 2016 15:55

don't listen to closed minded people. Let's have an open mind people. Quartz crystals are used in all electronics. When you scrape them together they spark, and NO ONE knows why, not einstein, not stephen hawking, no one. Dr emotto of japan has proven that water is effected by non-physical events such as thoughts and emotions. and a CD holds data that's written on it using a lazer. I don't see how it's implausible for a stone to do something like this. not to mention the fact that just the color of the stone itself can defiantly effect us because there is such a thing as color psychology. so don't let them steal the magic from your life. don't let them detour your from believing in stones.

thank you.

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Re: Moldavite stones for dreaming

Postby Penny Lane » 06 May 2017 15:42

I even had to register here and I never have time to participate in forums... I sort of owe it to my moldavite. As far as I know it is not about energy but vibration. It is considered a high vibration stone and the level of vibration can be measured. That is as much scientific as I can get cause my personal experience was so strong that I don't doubt the power of my moldavite for a second. So I guess I can only share my story but just by my personal experience I can say, it is highly unlikely you'll become a believer unless you'll experience it yourself.

The stone really is responsible for my spiritual transformation that was indeed delivered in tremendous speed like Moldavite is promised to do, as well as "discovery of your true life purpose" and putting you on the right path to it. About 2 years ago (I can't believe so little time passed) I, through a series of coincidences, ended up at a crystal shop because (and I'm making long and weird story short) someone told me I need to have an emerald around my neck... I don't know, for luck or something (that person is a spiritual teacher I accidentally encountered at the time). At the time (I remember I was becoming a really bitter person, and I was never spiritual) I said "well, tough luck, no way I can afford emerald any time soon...", and he told me that if that's the case for now I can substitute it with just green crystal. That's how I ended up in that crystal store, they showed me all kinds of greens and explained their "powers" and the moment they showed me that moldavite I knew that's the one. They didn't tell me much about it - just that it's a high vibration stone and that even people who are not sensitive to crystal vibrations feel this one.

I put it on at home and had this weird reaction which I read later called "moldavite flush", my skin around crystal was red and hot for about 2 hours and my temperature risen. It passed pretty quick. I think second day I had it on the real weirdness started. I tried to meditate for the first time in life and just something went horribly wrong, or amazingly right, depends how to look at it. I was lying down, because I was too lazy to do proper "boring" meditation, envisioning a ball of light that I am pushing down from the crown of my head down throughout my body. But that ball of light, sort of stuck, now I know in my third eye chakra (back then I didn't know shit about chakras). Like I was trying to envision it going down but no matter how hard I tried to use my imagination it was just not working. So I though whatever, and I just drifted a bit in my thoughts, even though you supposed to try to keep your mind clear during meditation, but I was new to it and my mind was drifting. While I thought about this and that, and how all this spiritual mambo jumbo is so not for me, the buzz of a sort started to appear in that third eye chakra area, every now and then I'll go back to trying to visualize that ball of light going down but not being very successful at it. The buzz was becoming stronger and stronger, almost like i am being electrocuted to my forehead. At some point I even thought I'm developing new sort of headache and maybe I need to get up and take advil. So then everything happened simultaneously... It's almost impossible to describe. First of all my wondering mind asked a question, I will never forget that moment it was so creepy, "what should I be ashamed of..." (I don't even remember how I got to that question!), the buzzing now was so strong, situation went out of my control in a matter of seconds. I heard a voice (I kid you not!) a voice! loud and clear. It said only two words to me, exactly of what I should be ashamed of. I'll try to explain to you why it was the scariest shit I experienced in my life... While I was asking a question, and asking myself! i did not expected someone answering, I already thought of couple of answers:) I mean I'm not saint... But what I heard was None of the versions I would Ever think about myself. But so on point... It sort of pointed out how I self-destruct myself while I wasn't realizing that I was doing it. It took a lot of phycology research after that day to understand why my past patterns were destructive but now I'm definitely over it. Another thing why it was that scary was the voice itself. It sounded nothing like a human voice. Third thing - it sounded cold. Like sort of "judgement day" cold. Just indifferent... not soothing nor accusing. Just blank statement of fact with no emotion in it. and the final thing was physical aspect of that moment. The buzz on my forehead turned vicious, turned into something bigger, whole body was involved, when I heard the voice it was accompanying it turned into what I know today of astral travel. When people talk about astral travel they think it's fun. Not a real one, no. It feels like you're legitimately dying. Like when you are in an airplane and the plane suddenly looses hight you feel that feeling. For a second. But it's just the closest to how I can explain, because astral travel is different one, it's like your soul being sucked up, so powerfully. And it's not a second... It's like, be careful what you wish for - people try to achieve that state but they don't know the amount of dread when you experience it, it's like your soul is screaming "noooo, please let me stay, nooooo"... hahah I know sounds crazy. I fought it, hard, jumped up from the floor like I was burned, took me about 20 min to calm down. First impulse was to take moldavite off but I didn't. I just decided to go about whatever the fuck just happened as logical as I could at the moment. I took my laptop and started to google those two words that I heard... That was just a beginning.

To understand what the fuck happened that evening I had to do so much research... That's how I learned about chakras, that's how I learned about kundalini rising, about lucid dreaming, astral travel, history of religions, cause I never followed any, astrology, numerology, palmistry, taro, hermetics, Kybalion, occult stuff even. It gave me answers. My life indeed changed tremendously, I moved about 5 times in a course of 2 years, changed profession, which happened organically but indeed very speedy, went to Yale... Spiritually, it's like all that research helped me find myself and my moral compass again, I was getting lost back then. And I still can't help myself but study all those things, sort of from a zero to a 100. As for lucid dreaming - yeah... comparing to what I experienced it's really nothing. Not scary I mean... I was so terrified after that evening that I didn't meditate for 6 months, people don't relate to it because for them meditation is boring, generally. For me, after that first one, it felt explosive, like life/death experience. Now I'm decent at it, but I never managed to repeat anything even remotely close to that experience. Most of the times I don't even want to really, it was terrifying. Thank God I never heard any voices again, or I would lock myself up in some mental facility... I don't know how those mediums live that able to hear/see shit all the time, it is terrifying. I'm pretty used to the fact that weird things happen while I sleep, at first it was scary, overtime I learned how to control it, then all effects shut down for about a year, but the other night it started again and got too intense - that's why I came to this forum, I was looking for help how to manage effects of your moldavite, actually last night was first night I took it off so it is a big deal, but you guys don't seem to know much about it. After reading all the "laughs" at crystal "energy" I sort of felt like I owe my moldavite to stand up for it and share my story. Don't expect much positivity back, this forum came across as close minded, and I know for a fact, you can't change that with words only with personal experience. I was like that myself so all good:)

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