Dreaming about lucid dream

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Dreaming about lucid dream

Postby Martz90 » 04 Sep 2014 08:46

Hello, i am trying now for time to have a lucid dreams. I am mostly taking guidance from world of lucid dreaming. I have a dream journal and i am also doing reality checks throughout the day.

But last night was a little wierd for me. I was having a dream, much more vivid than usual, but it was about me having a lucid dream. I remeber myself doing reality check, seeing my two fingers went throuh my palm. Also other things right from start, like rubbing hands and saing that i am dreaming - scene went from blury to focus. Rest of the dream was about me expertimenting and trying to morph something with mostly bad results.
I am little confused about this :) (mostly about doing in a dream all that stuff like reality check and more) am i doing something wrong ? or it's just normal to have a such dream ? :)

I am also planning to try to have a lucid dream from sleep paralysis, because i have them sometimes a lot, maybe that would be easier for me.

Thank you in advance for answers. And sorry if my english is a little bad, it's not my native language.

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Re: Dreaming about lucid dream

Postby Ikester2000 » 14 Sep 2014 23:35

That exact same thing keeps happening to me too!

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