Saving Someone

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Saving Someone

Postby btifuldreamer » 27 Sep 2014 00:47

There is this girl i really like but i never get the chance to talk to her at school. She's going thorugh some tough times at the moment and i want to help her but it'd b weird because we're not really friends and we don' talk...
Anyways. The dream i had:
I am at my house with several of my friends there. We are casually doing stuff outside when someone says there is a woman here trying to kill us all. We all run away everwhere in ear of the woman. I go out to the front and my neighbour's house is much closer than usual. She comes outside and i tell her theres a murderer around so be careful. Then i see all my other friends appear around the corner and i assume they've returned from a camp. They're talking loudly and laughing and i tell them to be quite because there's a murderer. Then one of them says, "we already know about that, she's in the bathroom crying." I run around to where my friends were and suddenly two men jump out and start shooting with SMG's. Some people die so i jump into the garden and hide. Then i hear someone say the one that will save us has brown hair and blue eyes. Someone points to me and says that's him. The girl i like holds my hand and says take us to safety. I save them from being killed and now the girl i like won't stop holding my hand and smiling and thanking me. Her friends comment that we're a couple now.
Does this mean my mind is telling i have the ablity to help/save her from what she's going through right now. Or is it simply just tellling me i like this girl and so i dreamed about her and the scenario just happened to be saving her.
Thank you ;)

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Re: Saving Someone

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Sep 2014 12:39

Who's got brown hair and brown eyes? You? that girl? and why do you think they pointed to you and said "that's him"?
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