Maybe I'm so anxious

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Maybe I'm so anxious

Postby Pablo » 30 Sep 2014 19:32

That's why I don't have a LD?

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Re: Maybe I'm so anxious

Postby jasmine2 » 01 Oct 2014 21:05

In my experience, the most important practice for working with non-lucid and lucid dreams is to keep a dream journal. I keep a note pad and pen by bed and suggest to myself before I go to sleep that I will remember my dreams. When I wake up, I quickly write down any dream fragments I can recall. Then later I write a more legible dream record in my dream journal.

When I feel encouraged, after a month or so, by being able to remember more, and longer, dreams, then I practice more suggestions to myself to have lucid dreams. Lucidity triggers which work best for me are - reminding myself that I will look at my hands, or to notice some strange object, character, or event in the dream, which would not make sense in the "real" world.

But if I stop keeping my dream journal, my dream recall becomes negligible.

Pablo, you say you are so anxious. I'm not sure if you mean you strongly want to have lucid dreams - just be patient, - or if you feel a lot of anxiety in your daily life. If you are dealing with a lot of life challenges which make you anxious, you could ask "the dreaming awareness" to create dream situations and dream helpers, which help you to work on better ways to deal with these challenges. Good luck.

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