Premature endings

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Premature endings

Postby GavinBoyd » 02 Oct 2014 15:48

Okay so I've been pretty good about remembering my dreams, and for a while I just could not become lucid, but last night I had 3 lucid dreams!!! :D But they each only lasted for a little bit. It seems as if when I realize I'm deeming the scene slowly fades away and I wake up. I tried spinning around and it seemed to wake me up faster. Also these lucid dreams were very fuzzy and I can't remember them very well except for one. How can I change this. I want to be able to focus on me dream without being awoken so fast. Any tips? Besides rubbing your hands and what not? What should be my mindset when I first become lucid?

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Re: Premature endings

Postby GalMutzafy » 05 Oct 2014 21:47

First of all, congratz! three in one night? that's amazing!
And it's natural that in your first lucid dreams they seem a bit fuzzy / you wake up, happen to almost everyone.
I have some tips for that:
1. Calm down.
2. Test what you see and focus on it.
3. Rub your hands together.
4. Touch anything you can put your hands on.
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