What brought me here..

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Re: What brought me here..

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 Oct 2014 11:50

Hi, You are having precog dreams, I myself very occassionally get them and as you said they are realer then real, they have a different quality feel to them. One will wake up with a very strong sense its going to occur (thou some of my precogs in my recent times have had a vaguer feel to them).

In my case mine usually 3 days before the event (which is handy to know as it helps me to predict something). Mine tend to be usually about some disaster (one in which ends up killing people), always in my own country (I on rare occassions I have got intuition about things in other countries at times too but that isnt via dreaming, enough for me to once have saved anothers life by giving a warning about an impending disaster which stopped him going to that place so he wasnt there when it occurred).

One of my precogs, I actually saw EXACTLY the what I ended up seeing on TV days later re the disaster.

Another precog, I heard the name of the place in my dream (it was a town I'd never heard of before that). In that one there was a white ute dreaming down a main street, with someone standing on the back in the tray, with a load speaking announcing warning, warning..oncoming fire!! (he was announcing a bushfire .. and the towns name was given in the announcement). Ive no idea at all if that is how it exactly occurred with someone with a speaker like that announcing a warning but that fire did happen in that town I'd never heard of (it had a weird aboriginal town name) a few days later and did take some lives. (I saw it on the news).

My most memorable precogs were of the Catherine Floods in Australia and other one was of a fire. In the fire precog, I came across a child I tried to rescue from the fire (Ive had two different fire precogs), the dream turned into a nightmare as I was unable to rescue her as the fire just ended up whereever I went. It was hellishly distressing for me as I KNEW she was going to die but got this idea in my dream if only I could save her there maybe she could live. She was then shown as one of the dead in a fire on the news a few days later.

I also had a precog of a small, light plane crash, but that one I was never able to prove it to myself as I didnt see that plane on the news but Im convinced that was one of my precogs too (maybe the small plane crashed in another part of the world but that would be an unusual thing for me.. maybe that one just wasnt reported on the news).
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Re: What brought me here..

Postby HAGART » 16 Nov 2014 09:05

Snaggle wrote:Yaro they're called "precognitive dreams" in English and "probability dreams" in Nesgirlese. They're common enough, so common that likely few here would debate their existence. What is up for debate is what causes them.

My sentiments exactly. I personally haven't had one, but of course have had Deja Vu like most everyone else. We can't deny that precognitive dreams have been reported countless times. That's a fact. Why? Who knows? You can't just sweep it under a rug, and walk away wiping your hands, muttering, "It was all just probability".

nesgirl wrote:There is a HUGE difference between Future Probability (precog Dreams) and Present Probability (dream spying).

To translate Nesgirlese into English, I believe it's been dubbed, "Remote Viewing".
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