First Lucid Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
The Hill Man
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First Lucid Dream

Postby The Hill Man » 20 May 2011 16:38

After only 4 days, I had my very first lucid dream! It's pretty strange to be honest, the first two days I used techniques and advise from the internet, but for the next two days I needed sleep and decided to give it up until the weekend. So last night I went to sleep normally, but I had a lucid dream!

The dream was set in snowy mountains, and it started on a chairlift with some friends. I don't think we had skis on, this part wasn't very vivid as it wasn't lucid yet. At the top, me and a friend were given a telescope and we could point it where we wanted to go. So I pointed at a big mountain across a valley, as I was told that over that mountain was my favourite country, Finland. So then me and my friend were on a microlight type vehicle going over the other side of that mountain. As we went over, suddenly a video about the local area came on, with some random woman explaining it. Once it ended, I was off the microlight in a snowy town on the other side of the mountain. I then realised that that wasn't possible, and this was a dream!

As soon as I realised that, inside my head I thought "Yes! Lucid dream!", but I didn't get too excited in order not to wake me up. At first I stayed in the village, doing some awesome parkour which I'd seen Damien Walters (a parkourist) do in a video before, and I did some stuff a human couldn't do! Then I got drowsy and my vision got blurry. I'd read on sites and seen on videos that you should spin around to stop yourself waking up, but I didn't do this. I didn't really think, I just had the idea to shake my head. So I did that and it worked. Then I tried jumping to see if I'd fly, but I didn't work, I just jumped about 5 metres high. So I just said "Never mind," as that wasn't the first thing I wanted to do in a lucid dream anyway. I decided just to have some fun on my first one, so I looked around. There was a train station, and on the other side a Lamborgini. So I jumped over the train track, and gave myself super strength so I could pull the door open. But inside, there wasn't a steering wheel or dashboard, that area was just blank. So I walked away, then the owner of the car just walked in, for some reason she couldn't see me.

I was pretty amazed, so I wanted to see if I could teleport back to my home in England. It worked, I was sitting on my bed. Then I remembered something from a video about lucid dreams, how the girl explaining them said "In the back of your head, you just want to try having sex with everybody. Anyone who says they didn't think that on their first few lucid dreams is a liar. Just do that, and that'd be out of your head and you can concentrate on other things." So I took the advise and got my phone and called the sexiest girl I know, who was even sexier in this dream. I heard the door ring, I waited a bit then went downstairs to see her in just her bra and thong. So I took her upstairs and had some fun =) Then, I went down to give her a good old tongue tornado, but while I was down there my vision blurred up and I couldn't really shake my head, so I woke up.

Anyway, that's the story of my first lucid dream, which happened 4 days after I'd first heard about lucid dreaming. Also, I didn't even need to use any of the recommended ways all over the internet, I just slept normally and it happened =S

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Re: First Lucid Dream

Postby livie12 » 20 May 2011 23:53

your pretty lucky to achieve something so fast that usually takes forever to do! good work! :shock:

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