Can't Lucid Dream

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Can't Lucid Dream

Postby fitfirst123 » 20 Oct 2014 05:08

Hey- so I've been practicing Lucid Dreaming for like two months now, and I've only had 1 Lucid Dream.

The one dream I did have was tremendous- scary, intense kinda, amazing, really cool.. but since then I haven't been able to have another one.

Things I'm currently doing.

Using tea aids like Tension Tamer and Lemongrass Tea before bed.
Practicing MILD every night to the best of my ability.
Using WBTB (This is how I had my first lucid dream, and I do it a couple nights a week- only stay up for 20 minutes or so, but haven't had lucid dream despite this method working once before)
Reality testing daily- at least 5,8 times a day, trying to get more in. My reality tests consist of pushing fingers into palms, asking myself if I'm dreaming.
Keep a dream journal- daily write down dreams (somedays I skip this, but most days I write it down)

What can I do to become lucid again? I can't seem to get there, I wake up frustrated most mornings because I have nice vivid dreams and I never ever ever test my reality in my dreams, and I always ask myself why didn't I reality test? THat would have been so easy, but I just don't do it, and it pisses me off..

ANy advice on how to jump start becoming lucid regularly would be a big help- so far I can't get any better at this.

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Re: Can't Lucid Dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Oct 2014 13:34

You can make your reality testing better by linking it to something you have in your dreams.

eg work out what commonly appears in your dreams (a dream sign) which is also something you also have in your daily life, then reality test EVERY TIME you experience that thing (dont miss a time as it has to become an ingrained habit to reality test to that thing which also appears in your dreams.


If the above after doing it for a month fails (hopefully it wont and will become a habit).. then I suggest to change your current methods and maybe try to learn to WILD instead. Some have found WILD easier.
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Re: Can't Lucid Dream

Postby Old Traveler » 30 Oct 2014 16:56

I have also had trouble inducing LD but am about to try
Galantamine and also Huberzine A. It has been highly recommended
but you need Galantamine with Choline as well.

Good luck.

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Re: Can't Lucid Dream

Postby fitfirst123 » 30 Oct 2014 18:14

I have not been able to find any significant dream signs in any of my dreams. SO I can't optimize my reality testing because nothing pops out or stands out as significant in any way.

How do I look for dream signs that keep recurring?

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Re: Can't Lucid Dream

Postby Je-Je » 31 Oct 2014 09:57

Same problem as you. I'm practicing lucid dreaming since 2 years(sometimes I abandoned) but i have 1 or 2 lucid dream in 2 months. Sometime i need to wait 4 months to have another lucid dream.

And in all the dreams, i never saw my hand or do a reality check and never been able to find dream signs since these 2 years.

But now after having 2 lucid dreams in one night re-motivated me:

What i do now and i will see if i will have more lucid dream:
-Before i sleep i repeat: In my dream i take conscious about dreaming and make a reality check.
-I do reality check everytime i think about LD or reality check.
-I write my dream (sometime i skip)
-I meditate but not very often.

We will see if it work for me.
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