REM studies, not dream studies: ideas?

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REM studies, not dream studies: ideas?

Postby dreamstudent » 28 Oct 2014 01:52

Hello everyone let me briefly explain, as we all know dreaming is a psychological process, and the sleep stages which are inclusive of: delta, theta, NREM-waves, etc. are that of neurological processes. Yes, we depend on the nuerological cycle to maintain a psychological balance. There for we are psychologically dependant on neurological processes.

That being said I am going to do research while in and out of college on neurological process, but not psychological process because sadly in today's society psychology has been labeled as 'psuedo science' and in my mind if I want the world to notice that dreams are important I will have to do experiments and studies in physiologically and neurologically stimulating approaches.

If you have any ideas for experiments on how to neurologically relate the REM (dream) state to a physiological trait for example (blood pressure) and how blood pressure differs in REM opposed to the other stages of sleep, I'd be more than happy for your thoughts and ideas!


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Re: REM studies, not dream studies: ideas?

Postby buildit » 28 Oct 2014 02:09

Are you also doing a study on Deja-Vu? I swear I have seen this before. :D
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