Is this a start to lucid dreaming?

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Is this a start to lucid dreaming?

Postby MrFlux » 09 Feb 2012 04:53

I am new to lucid dreaming and meditation.

I have not been able to lucid dream but I have not been trying that hard. I have mostly been concentrating on getting better at meditation as I think that will help with lucid dreaming, astral projection and other things.

For a long time I was not able to remember my dreams. Recently after I began meditating to binaural and isochronic beats, I remembered that tail end of two dreams and much more of another dream. SO I am hoping that meditation will help with lucid dreaming.

I am wondering if the following is any indication of my abilities in lucid dreaming.

When I was younger and in my recent dream when something scary happens I do not get afraid.
When I was younger if I watched a horror movie and then dreamt about the monsters I would end up partying with them. I had dreams where I would drink beer and smoke pot with the monsters. (I guess I was a weird kid)

Recently I had a dream with rats and I just kept stomping my feet and hissing at them in order to heard them as they ran out of one hole into another :D That is what I would do in real life if that happened but I do not think I would stay in the room as along as I did in my dream. I would try to get out of the room and come back with some help and rat fighting battle gear 8-)
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