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Re: Crazy Idea

Postby nesgirl » 05 Nov 2014 21:04

CosmickGold wrote:
That's the heart of the difference between your thinking and mine, and I see it as such an important difference. The book titled THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne explains wonderfully that since "Mind" created "Matter" (and not the other way around), "Mind" still has the ability to control "Matter". The book explains so well how to bring anything you want into physical reality much as you do in your Lucid Dreams. You can do/have/be anything you want, right here in the physical.

If that were seriously the case, and life were seriously some sort of Lucid Dream, don't you think I would be taking full advantage of that by now?
I can give you a really good example of that if you want me to, in a Lucid Dream, I can eat as much as I want in a buffet or whatever, and I won't get punished for it
If I repeat that action in real life, the food goes right to my thighs. In real life if you are a female, you have to be very strict on what you eat, les you gain a whole lot of weight from what you eat. It costs you socially if you are a female and you are overweight.

The book (actually by more than 20 experienced authors) doesn't talk about Lucid Dreaming, but the principals for bringing about the reality you want into your physical life apply the same from your Lucid Dreams. Some teachers (in other books) say you can do it even better from Lucid Dreams, stating that's where the "controls" are for creating here in the physical.

Well I do know there are a few controls that can affect reality, although most often they have no affect. Talent practicing will affect your abilities in the real world, also studying for an exam. If you play with probability in a Lucid Dream (mostly WILDs), there is always a chance you may actually hit probability in real life. Also I found one other technique that does in fact affect you in reality. You can affect the functions inside your body and your organs if you desire to. This also means you can kill the bad bacteria in your body if you are sick or mend injured parts in your body. You cannot, however, fix permanently damaged or handicapped areas of your body.

So I wish you were willing to see that you could take that beauty and wonderfulness from your Lucid Dreams, and use it to "magically" create the same right here in your physical life, replacing that "so frustrating and a pain" you spoke of. Others have already done so.

Not all my Lucid Dreams are exactly beautiful and wonderful shall we say. I haven't always done the nicest things in my Lucid Dreams. Let's just say I do actually vent my anger on my DCs when I have anger mood swings in my Lucid Dreams. I do that in the Lucid Dream world because I know I won't get punished for it in reality. Also I am in Multimedia Design as well and create characters, stories, and landscapes in that as well. Are you going to say Multimedia Design is real to the professors as well? I can guarantee if you say that, the professors will not take you seriously.

By believing the dream world is totally unreal, prevents the experience of it from directly influencing your physical reality. And likewise, believing the physical world to be totally real, prevents you from seeing how your thoughts and emotions can directly manipulate physical reality. So your dreams remain wonderful and the physical remains a frustrating pain.

Oh my emotions affect physical reality alright and I don't even need anyone's help for that. I have mixed mood swings which do affect physical reality, and you really don't want to see me when I have my worst mood swings. This video shows what I am like during my hyper mood swing (daredevil, inconsiderate, no judgment, endless adrenaline energy, forced smile, crazed eyes, habit drive)
And that's how it should be. Lucid Dreams should be their own little reality you can escape to at night. Many people do find reality to be a pain to deal with and at times they can't handle it. Okay why don't I give you a fine example of when a Lucid Dream was used for escapism:
Those poor children who didn't have enough to eat in real life, and were always cold in real life, they had their Lucid Dreams to escape to at night, where in their Lucid Dreams they were in a land of plenty, and were able to play in their Lucid Dreams at night. That cartoon I believe shows good enough reasons for those kids wanting to be Lucid Dream escapists, and I am sure some users might use them for their own reasons to escape into their own world as well.

It doesn't have to be that way. But since the mind is in control of both worlds (or rather, both aspects of the one world), your thoughts will keep dreams unreal, and the physical too rigid to fix. That's both sad and unnecessary.

If you seriously think you can control things in the real world like I control things in the Lucid Dream world, I will give you the chance to show me. Film me a video of you showing off your powers in real life so I can see you using them. I would like to see the following abilities: Summoning food out of mid air. Shape-shifting into a cat. Creating your own set of characters. Controlling the weather. Flying around. Setting things on fire with a flick of your fingers. Intangibility. And especially cloning. Until then I am going to believe they are Lucid Dreams.
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