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Postby colossux » 01 Dec 2014 19:15

I am one for not doing my revision homework, well, i'll do 10 mins before I go to bed, and somehow as you guys probably understand I remember it, and my ld are from 4 am - 6 am and very very vivid, so I can actually revise my subjects. It seems really weird but for example my speaking exams, I revised asleep, where my Spanish teacher asked me the questions and I answered them.
I am a very good sailor, and have had loads of ld's to do with sailing. Sailing is interesting for ld's as it is very tactical, we constantly observe our surroundings, therefore to go into an ld I check the wind, shadows and sun. This means I can get an ld ridiculously often, but usually about sailing, so I have to change it.

Do you guys practice in your sleep?
and what things do you do to sort of tell yourself you are in a dream?

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Re: revision/sport

Postby JonSnowLD » 18 Dec 2014 21:53

I'd eventually like to use LDs to practise playing the saxophone (i'm at music college), as I've read that your brain can actually make the neuron pathways or whatever they are through repeated actions in a dream. This could be really useful for me if I could get a practise room dreamscape going on! ;) unfortunately in dreams where I have been playing, my coordination is always dreadful and I make so many mistakes XD (although I've never played in a lucid dream... ;) )

One thing I do practise in my dreams is flying though... :D
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