crazy lucid dream of ancient japan + backstory

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crazy lucid dream of ancient japan + backstory

Postby Sorgeloos » 06 Dec 2014 11:45

Hello, my name is Kasper Sorgeloos. I want to explain who I am before I give you my story. I'm 24 years old now. I lost my father when I was 22 due to suicide. I had alot of trouble getting over this. I would have dreams of seeing my father kill himself again and again and I would wake up crying, shaking and let the use of alcohol to soften my fear. I learned about lucid dreaming and began to practice it. Now I'm lucid for 2 years and I rarely have a normal dream. 99% of my dreams are lucid now. My max amount of lucid dreams I once had in one night was over 10 of them. They were all short though. I created DC's to help and support me as friends because I had difficulty of getting supported through those 2 terrible years.

Now enough with the sadness! I created this story in book form instead of saying "then this then that happend and this". I did it because I found it more amusing to read. It's quite a long story and I have more to tell what happend in those two years and my other lucid adventures if there is any interests :)

Oh, yeah, bit of warning... I think japanese people are going to facepalm themselfs reading this story because my only experience of japan are manga and anime XD Sorry!

"Watashi wa Samurai Kasper Desu!"

"Here it comes, here it comes..." I said to myself as I awaited to be launched into the world of dreams. Suddenly a huge sensation fills me up as
I lose, what I only can describe, my weight of my body and leave it behind. I find myself standing in my bed, shrugging off the sensation as I always
do. Neither unpleasant, but transcending from a body like that will always feel alien to me.

I jump off the bed and land with perfection next to a window over looking the streets. Snickering to myself I remember the days I actually went down and opened
the door to get where I wanted. That was before I realised the rules of the world didn't apply here at all. I place my hands gently on the window and push it out.
It falls below on the ground with a crashing sound. As I looked down at the depris I created, with any lack of care of my actions, I remembered the time I used to
punch the glass out instead of pushing it gently...

This all changed after a dream I had where I had cut myself on the glass doing this. I've been punched in the face, broken my nose, getting
stabbed and got my eye gouged out by an assasin... Pain-receptors usually let me feel a sensation how it could feel like if those things would happen to me,
but because I never got disembowled or anything like that I only felt 'What it would have been like'. Not really painfull at the end, altough everyone has cut
themselfs before and that caused the pain to be so real that I had to remember myself the whole time I was dreaming so I didn't yell it out.

I jump in the air out of the open window and fall down. As I see myself falling at rapid speed to the many sharp glass pieces below I can stop myself just
in the nick of time before hitting them. Letting out a delightfull sigh, I fly away into a random street leaving my house behind. I stop and land in a random
garden next to a house. As I'm wondering what to do I decide to call in a DC. For a while I wanted to experiment to bring other then the normal norm of DC's
in my dreams... Like animated characters. The idea of calling in Saya from Saya no Uta came as an idea, but I leave the idea behind for another time...

"Sarah..." I say into the air and turn around and there she is. White short hair as always, but she looks a little bit different. Her clothes doesn't seem
to fit her at all and she looks rather dull and annoyed. I close the gap between me and her and give her a hug. "What are you thinking you're doing?"
She suddenly asks. Stepping back out of surprise I said carefully "Just giving you a hug, is that so bad?" - "Don't!" she exclaims. Surprised by this
I recall a time when I had far less respect for Dream-Characters. How I often would punch them or let them do humiliating things for my enjoyment. I shrug it off
but couldn't stop thinking that Sarah is not behaving as her normal self.

My actions were interrupted when suddenly a TeamSpeak window opened up in front of me, floathing mid-air. Apparently a discussion were made by WolfedOut
and 2stickmen about something of Minecraft... That is if you could describe it as a discussion, more a fight who could yell the loudest through their mic.
"Stop it you two!" I yelled getting angry. "I'm in the middle of a lucid dream and I have wasted enough time without you two disturbing me. Minecraft is the last
thing I wanna do now. In fact, I created Minecraft before so been there, done that." I said without a tone of respect as I close the application before they
could do a retaliation to my words. In real life I'm much nicer to them, but in dreams I'm more egocentric. Why not? It IS my dream after all...

Looking through the air I remember having difficulties to know the rules to control a dream before... That was before I watched Star Trek from TNG, DS9 and Voyager
back to back. As I used to describe the experience to people before as an Oculus Rift experience, I now laugh how idiotic that comparison was. This is no
Oculus Rift experience... This is a holodeck from Star Trek I tell them. So from that point on I used that to my own advantage. "Computer..." I start off,
"Load previous save, setting ancient eastern-japan, samurai time..." Suddenly the whole environment changes in a white fog as pieces of the setting fall in Star Trek
wise. "The only thing missing..." I think to myself, "are the 'whoosh-whoosh!' sounds and the 'bring-brong!' sound effects from Star Trek... I'll add that in
next time!"

As the setting completes itself I find myself in eastern-japan back in the old times. I face a shop that I know sells Samurai Swords so I gleefully enter the shop
with Sarah reluctantly following me in. "Kombanwa Genki-Desu!" says the owner. Probably some japanese, or words resembling them, from various animes I've watched
thrown in together in a sentence. Am I glad no japanese people are seeing this dream. "Genki-desu!" I yell back. I pick up a katana and see a price tag of 100.
"hmmm..." I let out. Not knowing if 100 yen is much or not. Probably it's somewhere of 100 dollars or so I think to myself. Japanese people would probably facepalm
themselfs if they knew I actually tried to cut the price lower then that. But talking to the owner was no easy task, so I quickly gave up on it.

Going outside, I immediately took the the katana out of it's sheath. I'm quite fond of katanas, they are nice swords and I can't help but smile at the reflection
of this elegant weapon. The next scene what I did with it I will not include in this story as I probably humiliate every asian person and dishonour every japanese
person as I played with it like a lightsaber from Star Wars or as a Bath-leth from Star Trek... Probably even Sarah was ashamed of my actions, but I never looked at her.
I was way to bussy cutting trees and shortening everything down in size I could find. I stopped my child-play when I heard the sound of fighting and swords clashing down.
I ducked behind a wooden-gate that looked like the gates you see in cowboy movies entering a cafe (don't ask me...) and peeked through a hole. "Sarah!" I yell, "You gotta
see this! This is some real Rurouni Kenshin shit going on there!" Sarah didn't even reply as I kept watching the fight.

It ended with a knock-out of the left guy with the other guy towering above him ready to give the final blow. I couldn't hold it anymore, I gripped my katana close to me and
as a wild-lunatic I rushed through the cowboy-gate to the garden with my katana holding up as a madman yelling 'Deeeeesssuuuuuu!' along the way. Our swords clashed
in the air, we pushed eachother back, dust following in the air as we slid around the garden... if it even was a garden at that point. Next you just need to imagine
the most clumsiest sword-play ever. At the end I thrusted my sword in my opponent stomach. Blood flew out in every direction as my enemy fell deeper in my sword and came
to rest on my shoulder. "Konbanwa friend.... Desu..." I whispered and pushed him off my sword.

I woke up in a shock. "No!" I cried to myself. "It just started to be so awesome..." I thought to myself. I smacked my hand on my head and held it up in the air where I was
holding the katana in. "What the..." I exclaimed when I suddenly started to notice something strange. There, a little sixth finger was hanging from my hand. My confusement
ended shortly and I began to smile. "Oh dear false awakening... Not this time you won't!" I stated. I jumped right up and said with proud (now shame)
"Watashi wa Samurai Kasper desu!" as I did a superman pose. There was no hesitation, I flew out my bed, crashed through my window and as I was falling down I yelled
"Computer! Continue story!" The dream quickly changed back and I landed on one knee and in my right hand I held my beloved katana again. "Oh, almost forgot. Computer,
load character Sarah." She suddenly appeared again, dressed the same and with even a worse expression then before. "Let us move on, Sarah-kun! Our story has not ended yet!"
Said I. I quickly noticed the wounded guy I saved and ran towards him. "Dai...dai...daijo...aaargh... Are you ok, dude?" I rambled. He opened his eyes slowly and said in pain
"Yes. I am fine. Thanks". He got up and looked at a building that came up from nowhere. I looked too at, what I think, was the entrance of a japanese palace.

Noone said anything. For some reason I knew it too. There, our arch-nemesis resides. All three of us marched to the entrance... Well, all two of us, Sarah was more
dragging her feet around. When we came inside it looked more like a dojo. Or what I think a dojo is. Guessing back again it probably looked nothing like a dojo. When we
reached the middle of this place, I turned around to Sarah who calmly walked towards me. Being happy that her pacing changed, I tried to say "Sarah, maybe you should..."
when suddenly I got interupted by her grin. A grin so wide it made me sick to my stomach. Actually, I did feel something in my stomach, when I looked down I saw a short
knife going through me. Blood started pouring out as I walked backwards to the wall and looked in horror what was happening before me. "Sarah... why did... why?" I asked
shockingly as I pulled the knife out of me and held my wound. She answered with an eerie laugh that made my bones freeze, like a maniac-laugh from an episode I remember
in Higurashi no koro ni.

Confused and in shock, I watched as she tears her clothes apart. Her nude body quickly changed into a white-like dress. Her short white hair changed into messy long black
hair and her grin was the only thing you could see through. Genuinely terrified I was thinking about shutting the story down, ask the computer to delete Sarah. But on one
side I wanted this to go on so I watched as a sword in her right hand came out of nowhere. A sword so thin and long, but quickly that changed too. The sword was made
up of hundreds of razor blades that suddenly came free, attached at eachother with some kind of wire. As she swung this devilish weapon, the razors roared through the sky.
It looked like a combination of a sword with a whip, with razor blades attached on it.

"That's not Sarah!" yelled my partner. "It's her! The mastermind!" he declared. Suddenly it all made sense. It was never Sarah to begin with, her attitude, her clothing...
I called up someone entirely else from in the very beginning. Suddenly I was disturbed by a painfull sensation. She swung her sword while I was off-guard and her razors
pierced through my left hand. I bit my lip, this 'being cut' feeling was more intense then the stabbing. I gripped my sword and wanted to end this as quick as possible.
While rushing her she swung her sword again, ripping through my flesh. I stopped in my tracks as I held my arm. "You're going to die" she said snickering behind her black
hair. Suddenly I realised something. "No, I'm not..." I said calmly. Suddenly I started to grin and looked at her, which made her drop her smile. "You see..." , I said
"I CAN'T die... If I ignore the pain, you have nothing against me." I rushed again towards her. In a frenzy she swung her sword again and again, cutting into my flesh. But
to no avail, it didn't matter anymore. In a sense, this sensation made me even go faster. In a short second I almost imagined I saw horror in her face when my katana sliced
off her head. As her head fell with a tud, her spraying body collapsed with no sound.

As we walked outside, my partner gave one final thanks before dissapearing in his tracks. I sighed and said "Computer, activate Sarah". Suddenly Sarah in her normal self came
running towards me "Let's go! Let's go! I wanna go someplace else!" She said enthoustiastically. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked. "Anywhere but here." she said. So we walked
onwards. Not much happend then, except me losing my precious katana in a well, buying a new one that broke soon after and me waking up and looking at my hand for a sixth finger
but this time it was done. I was awake.

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