New Here, not to Dreams...

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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby ravynwriter » 10 Dec 2014 18:23

I might just do that, so long as it's not against the rules to do it in the introductory thread. Thank you :)

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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby nesgirl » 10 Dec 2014 18:45

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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby HAGART » 11 Dec 2014 21:38

ravynwriter wrote:There was a wind blowing through the room, so hard that it was pinning me there to my pillow and kept me from moving. I remember thinking that the wind was so loud, surely my sister had to hear it, but she didn't so much as stir.

That sounds like a WILD entry. Although not lucid, (so it would be a WID ;) ) I think you were conscious as your body fell asleep. Body paralyzed, and ears ringing/buzzing. Those are just the symptoms, but a person's dreaming mind can perceive the experience in many ways. Sometimes I've felt like gravity was making me sink into my bed, and even heard the hum of a fan once, only to wake up and realize, I don't have one! So I can see how hearing the noise of wind would also make you think it was pinning you. (I wonder, not that it matters, but I'm trying to paint a picture of your experience in my mind. When the 'wind' was blowing were objects in your room flying around. Did you feel wind on your skin?)

ravynwriter wrote:what five year old has the background knowledge and experience to realistically 'create' a sci-fi dream world with a complete culture, politics, understands war, interstellar travel, etc. It was incredibly detailed and that's just the the age I was and the few experiences I had, I had no background to provide that detail, consciously or otherwise. That's what gets me still, but pretty much no one else I've ever talked to about it seems to think this is of any importance.

This is fascinating. I wonder if we are all born with ingrained memories and a foundation of basic knowledge passed down through our genes. That would explain the past-lives phenomenon. And also explains how birds migrate and build nests despite ever being taught or seeing another bird do it. Their knowledge is genetic. We aren't that much different genetically and we all share common ancestors with fish! I don't know, and it's just food for thought.

(Hello, by the way!) :D
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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby ravynwriter » 12 Dec 2014 17:45

When the 'wind' was blowing were objects in your room flying around. Did you feel wind on your skin?

Things weren't flying around my room but as I recall I felt it on my face, and my hair was flying around. I do remember looking at my sister and wondering why she didn't wake up from all the noise and wind, and I don't believe her hair or anything on her bed was even moving. It seemed isolated just to me.

This is fascinating. I wonder if we are all born with ingrained memories and a foundation of basic knowledge passed down through our genes. That would explain the past-lives phenomenon. And also explains how birds migrate and build nests despite ever being taught or seeing another bird do it. Their knowledge is genetic. We aren't that much different genetically and we all share common ancestors with fish! I don't know, and it's just food for thought.

That could very well be and I do think that happens to an extent. However (and I am a believer in reincarnation) it wouldn't explain the past lives experiences people have of folks they have no relation to.

In my case, my father is a huge geek (so am I). Would his sci-fi knowledge at the time I was conceived (1974) been sufficient to cover everything I was 'told' in these dreams? And strong enough to actually be genetically encoded in order to be passed on to me and made into accessible information in my subconscious brain? It's an interesting question at the very least, which brings up further questions in my mind (not necessarily posed to you and not necessarily that can actually be answered).

Were the understandings of science, even science fiction, at the time I was conceived the same as what I was shown in these dreams (that is, was I shown something that hadn't been discovered at the time of my conception but later was discovered, such as something to do with string theory or quantum mechanics?) If so, was my father in possession of this knowledge at the time I was conceived?

What is the mechanic by which these particular bits of knowledge were so vividly engrained in my genetics from my father's genetics, to the point they were precisely encoded in my subconscious mind to be drawn upon in these experiences...and why did not other knowledge, experiences, and facts also so imprint and display themselves? To simplify- why would the knowledge of science mechanics and alien culture be so strongly programmed into my mind from conception, and not something like, father's wartime experience, knowledge of mathematics, the highly traumatic time he was almost killed as a child, his musical talent and prowess, etc.

What would be the evolutionary point? I can see the evolutionary point of encoding traumatic memories of threats, injuries, poisonings, etc into genetic memory to be passed down to offspring. I can also see the evolutionary point of passing down edible or poisonous food items, migration routes, breeding grounds, what predators look like, etc. It's hard to see, however, the evolutionary point to passing down details of personal interests and hobbies that have no evolutionary impact of survivability. More, it's hard to see how personal interests and hobbies would be encoded and passed down OVER things that WOULD impact survivability, such as military training, life-threatening experiences and physical trauma, etc.

So yeah, in short short-

1-Did my father possess knowledge of the kind I was shown in these dreams?

2-Did he possess said knowledge at the time I was conceived?

3-Was said knowledge even available for him to possess-consciously or subconsciously (say, he read an article then forgot about it) at the time that I was conceived?

4-Did my mother, as applies to any of these questions?

5-If so, what is the evolutionary mechanism that would pass down such knowledge in such full and rich detail, yet not pass down knowledge as pertains to more immediate and evolutionarily necessary survival skills?

6-Is anyone even still reading my rambling? LOL!

Definitely food for thought.

(Hello, by the way!) :D

Hello to you too!

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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby ravynwriter » 13 Dec 2014 18:55

So, posting my first dream journal entry here.


All non-lucid

Dream 1-I was flying a military cargo plane but at the same time I was 'guiding' it via a video game, I had to hit all the red dots along my route without crashing. Don't think I succeeded.

Dream 2-I was on a school bus with my girlfriend. There was someone else on the bus, a blonde, middle to old aged woman wearing a black cardigan and a hat with a red flower in it. Both my girlfriend and I were in hospital patient scrubs and had been battered around/injured in some way. I was sitting in a wheel chair but she was laying on an actual gurney that had been propped up. We both had IVs and I could see she had scratches or cuts on her face that had been treated.

Then, Jason Bourne from the Bourne Identity came in carrying a case. He gave us a smile and set up a little table in the aisle of the school bus (the bus wasn't moving, we were parked outside some kind of derilict airfield). He said hello to us and then told us he was pretty sure we were both Russian spies in disguise, and so long as we answered his questions honestly and quickly, we had nothing to worry about. I *knew* he meant to torture us if we lied or he didn't like the answers, I also knew we were both innocent so I told him there was no need to threaten, we'd tell him anything he liked. He sat down. He had some kind of knife in his hand, with a short curved blade, like an old fashioned way you would use to peel apples or something. He started asking us questions, first my GF, then me, then my GF again. Questions about who we were, where we came from, how we'd gotten there, and we were answering him quickly. I got worried/angry because he seemed to be focusing on her so I started answering the questions a bit more heatedly, trying to get his attention off of her. He looked at me then came over and sat down beside my wheelchair and said 'You're not telling me the truth are you. You're really a sixty year old Russian spy named Vladia, aren't you?'

Angry and scared I said 'Do I look like I'm sixty years old to you?'

I instantly knew it was a wrong answer. He grabbed me by the chin and said that I could have had plastic surgery, or was wearing latex makeup. He said 'they can do all sorts of things with makeup these days.'

Then he dug the knife into my forehead over my right eyebrow, and sliced the skin downward as if peeling an apple. It didn't hurt but I was pinned and couldn't do anything. He did it again, and I could feel that he was slicing away strips of the bone and muscle and stuff.

Then my girlfriend tackled him, wrestling him back. He was taken by surprise and ended up losing his balance on one of the bus benches. As he stumbled back she got the knife out of his hand. I got up and moved over to help her, grabbing her to pull her back but she pulled away from me again, furious that he had been hurting me. She slashed at him with the knife, and despite him being a good six or seven feet from her a gash opened up over his torso, slashing from his left shoulder across his abdomen. She made the same move again, and I could see her hand was shaking and her aim was off, and another gash opened up on his torso. He tried pushing himself up again and she slashed a third time. This time the gash appeared over his throat, killing him.

She dropped the knife and I grabbed her again and pulled her. I had my arm around her and we started limping toward the back of the bus and the emergency exit. My girlfriend said, "No one hurts you, I couldn't let him hurt you," and I hushed her telling her we had to get out of there. I glanced back and saw the little woman still sitting there, staring at us with her mouth open. I remember thinking 'she'll back us up, she'll know it was self-defense.'

As we got to the back of the bus, both limping heavily and trying to hold each other up, there was a short stairwell to our left and the bus exit door was down there (for some reason, the front of the bus was a single decker school bus but in back it was a double decker and we were on the top floor). As I braced her to go down the steps the door opened and these military looking guys started to come in with rifles. The one in the lead aimed at us and my GF pulled me the other way. As we turned back toward the front of the bus more were coming in that way, rifles up, trapping us. I lost my balance trying to shift momentum and we fell down, me laying on the floor of the aisle with GF over me, too weak to hold herself up. I was holding her protectively and she looked up at me and started sobbing. She said, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry I f*cked this up."

I told her no, she hadn't fucked anything up, and then shifted so that I was kind of protectively over her as the rifles pointed down at us. I had one arm around her and the other I held up toward the rifles and said 'we're not armed! We're not armed, don't shoot!"

Dream 3-This was definitely a separate dream that I do not remember much of, but my girlfriend and I ended up on the same bus in the same hospital fatigues. No Jason Bourne, but this time the back of the bus was a military type convoy truck instead of a double decker. I remember she lifted the green tarp and peered out and said 'they're pointing guns at us.' The only other image I remember she had been shot and I was cradling her and had my hand over the wound. There was no blood, just a hole off center of her chest. She was still alive and was looking up at me and I kept telling her, 'it's not bad. You just hang in there, it's not bad.'

Dream 4- I have forgotten a bunch of this as well but I was part of a marine company with my girlfriend (huh, last night as a night for military dreams I guess). There was some kind of war going on and the company I was with was a lot like the company from Aliens 2- different faces though and we were on Earth. There was some kind of sergeant who didn't like our company and was always trying to get us sh*t assignments or something. His appearance kept changing. At the end, he was the guy with the walrus moustache from that motorcycle/chopper show that was on TV for a while. He decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em and became a member of the company. He smeared black paint on his forehead and moustache. We had just supplied up and were walking out of the armory and the truck was sitting nearby with the others in it. When they saw him they shouted 'ah roo!' and started cheering.

Michelle Rodriguez was there kind of half lounged over the truck's hood in green cargo pants and a black tank top. She winked at us and the sergeant said 'Good god almighty' as if he'd just seen a goddess come to life. I laughed and said, 'yeah, tell me about it sir.'

My girlfriend asked if I had enough pocket nukes. These were devices we were using that were the size of grenades but actually set off a nuclear detonation. I checked a tab on my arm and said "I have half compliment, that should be fine."

Then I saw my BF and her husband and a lieutenant of some kind heading toward us so I left my girlfriend and the sergeant at the truck talking to Michelle and headed their way. I don't remember what we said but I walked with them back to the truck and we climbed inside. Then I woke up.

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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby ravynwriter » 14 Dec 2014 21:30


So I tried something new last night. I've been giving Calea (the dream herb) a shot the last few weeks. I'm not big on tea and understand it tastes horrible. I've been using my vaporizor (I vape medical marijuana to help treat my condition) but calea seems to have such a low ignition point that I can't really seem to get it to vape. It's either nothing or its on fire. I cannot smoke it due to my asthma so instead I bought a bunch of gel caps and started making pills out of the calea I had purchased.

Last night, I took two of the pills with water about two am, when I briefly woke up. Unfortunately, due to my pain last night I also vaped some pot before I went to sleep.

So the results were mixed. I repeatedly attained lucidity after I took the pills...that is, every few minutes (or so it felt) I realized I was dreaming and was able to hold on to that for a little while, but not for long. Even when lucid things still felt kind of tuned down and fuzzy and I only attained full 'clarity' once (when things jumped into sharp and detailed 3-D and it didn't last long, a few seconds at most. No matter how hard I concentrated my mind was too tired and muzzy to keep hold of it.

So I think the calea worked, but I think the pot I had taken earlier kind of made it hard to remain in that lucid state. I may have to limit my calea usage to nights I don't take my medication before bed. Of course, that means I won't be able to use it often because the pain and issues that necessitate me using the pot are pretty much a daily thing.

I do have some high CBD strains so I may try using those at night time on the nights I try the calea, see if that helps that unfocused, muzzy that may be a solution.

I did wake up feeling much more focused than I normally do.

Also, I did remember at least once to ask one of my 'lucidity questions' of the dream. I just realized I was dreaming and I was talking to a little blonde boy. I told him to 'show me something funny' and he turned and pointed to a nearby shelf. There was a bit of wavering in the air over the shelf, like heat waves, but that was all that happened. I was happy I just remembered to ask the question so hopefully I can do that again.

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Re: New Here, not to Dreams...

Postby ravynwriter » 17 Dec 2014 15:41



I dreamt I was in a Star Wars pod race, only we kept having to race our pods through water and I kept having problems with mine. Unsurprisingly, I came in last. My family was waiting in the driver's area behind the arena and when I saw my mother I abruptly realized that I was dreaming. I looked at her and said 'guess what? I'm dreaming?'

She laughed and said 'no, you're not.'

I knew without a doubt I was (I just got off a Star Wars pod race!) but I did a reality check anyway and looked at my hand. My palm was kind of in and out of focus and bits of it kept swirling around. So I said again, "I'm dreaming!"

My mother got angry and said again, 'No! You're not!!' and seemed to be getting really upset. I didn't want to 'antagonize' the dream so I told her, 'Ok, whatever you say' and she got happy again. As we were walking down the corridor I refocused on the brick wall and said it again to myself 'I'm dreaming'. Then I took a closer look at the brick, looking at the details and how they kept moving around, and happy that I'd gotten lucid again without trying and determined to hang on to it. I thought about what I wanted to do and one of my family said something about not wanting to have to walk all the way back and I told her 'then we'll take a spaceship' and one appeared out of the sky. As it was landing, however, the cat jumped on me and I woke up.

I've been concentrating on my goals to get lucid and stay in that state, but I really need to start concentrating on adding in the goal of what exactly I will do when I reach lucidity so I'm not stuck thinking in through in the dream state.

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