I used G Last Night..And....Strange stuff.

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I used G Last Night..And....Strange stuff.

Postby AegmosTrip » 14 Feb 2012 00:42

I went to bed around 9pm and took 4mg of Galantamine (Lucid Dreamer by dreamamins)which includes
200 mg of Choline and fell asleep.Nothing happened,really until I woke up at midnight and did another
capsule of the Galantamine and went back to sleep.
Thats when things got really bizarre.
I'm after DREAM LUCIDITY by using supplements,but it's NOT working out that way.
The dreams I had were very VIVID and BIZARRE.
I started out trying to push through my hand but noticed it didn't really change anything.
Then I looked out my (dreamworld) bedroom window and noticed people running through my backyard.
After that my ceiling started leaking water and and then the ceiling started to collapse.
I felt I needed to get out of this situation pretty quick.
Things got even stranger.My hand started sprouting grass and leaves and then my hand started to
swell up like a disfigured balloon.
I seen images inside of a book that were bizarre and impossible to explain and then heard cats meow
and black cats started showing up in my room annoying me.
Things started to feel pretty wierd,thats when I forced-woke myself up because I wanted out real bad.
Thats when I woke up at 3 am and didn't want to go back there.
I feel Lucid dreaming is not acheived by supplements,but by practicing a mind-set during the
waking hours.

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Re: I used G Last Night..And....Strange stuff.

Postby Chrispy » 14 Feb 2012 05:58

AegmosTrip wrote:I feel Lucid dreaming is not acheived by supplements,but by practicing a mind-set during the waking hours.

Yeah, I feel the same way. I've never taken supplements, and after reading your post I probably never will. lol But I've always had better luck lucid dreaming just by always being aware of myself in the real world.
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Re: I used G Last Night..And....Strange stuff.

Postby Rebecca » 14 Feb 2012 07:09

Geez.... pretty intense dreams!

I agree supplements aren't for everyone. For instance, I definitely wouldn't recommend them to someone who has frequent nightmares or suffers anxiety as this could lead to some really disturbed / high intensity dreams.

Most likely in your case, the double dose really amped things up for you and I wouldn't recommend that to anyone, especially on a first experience. Also, galantamine is best taken after 4-6 hours sleep, so you can get your much-needed deep sleep first. This *may* have made your dreams more stressful and led to this crazy experience, because your body was simply very exhausted without its usual deep sleep.

If you don't want to take it again after that, I don't blame you! I feel this makes a good case study for taking small / incremental doses and getting the timing right.... I'm sorry you went through this. On the positive side, it was an experience that probably shifted your perspective of dreaming.
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Re: I used G Last Night..And....Strange stuff.

Postby dasurfingkid » 10 Mar 2012 05:15

yeahh that sounds quite uhmmm chaotic but first off if i were u i would suggest sticking with the old skool way by following rebeccas tips and what not instead of using supplements and ecspecially dont double the dose if u do decide to use the supplements because first u shouldnt do anything if it will potentially prevent you from your deep restful sleep because as someone who has narcolepsy (a sleep disorder) i know the importance of sleep trust me but anyhow the supplement seems like it may induce or increase your dreaming it also seems like its causing more hectic crazier dreams that sort of bounce around rather than the more slow paced type of dream that would be easier for u to take control of

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Re: I used G Last Night..And....Strange stuff.

Postby Peter » 10 Mar 2012 07:28

I use G regularly but only if I have had a good sleep first and feel good about it. Regular for me might be once every 2 weeks. I use 1 4mg cap cap and 2 caps of Choline to make 600mg.

They work for me but are intense and I would not advise until you have had a few LD under your belt as they could put you off quite easily
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