What technique do you suggest? [Long post]

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What technique do you suggest? [Long post]

Postby Kostronor » 29 Dec 2014 12:59

Hey there,

(I am very sorry for the long post, can't explain it shorter. I will jump from point to point in my explanation,, please bear with it :) And I would love to hear your thoughts on me, my situation and my question :) i'll try to be as specific as possible but if something is unclear, just ask!)

I found out about lucid dreaming yesterday and I am determined to learn it. I don't really care about how long it takes etc. and I know that you don't normally have your first LD after one night of sleep and stuff like this :)

I will try to keep this a short introduction. I try to find the best way for me to start training. Because I don't really understand the techniques to their full extend, I would like to ask the more experienced people here to tell me which technique would best apply to me.

First something about me:

I am currently 21 years old. I am a very scientific person and generally a fast learner.

The problem I have with learning is, that most things simply don't get to me. I ask myself "Why should I do this?" and when my mind comes to a realization that it is not worth my time, I won't do it. This has doomed my school life and led me to try out some motivational tricks.

I learned to listen to myself and have developed things like hearing my body telling me, i will get ill soon so I can take a rest and prevent it. It helped me emotionally and led to a more calm life.

I have a vivid imagination and creativity and I love it to create fictional parallel worlds (whom I sometimes dream from) but separate this strictly from the living world.

Yesterday, I found out that lucid dreaming is a thing and not science fiction (or for the gifted). I was very fascinated and soon I found myself reading up on about every aspect of it. The explanation, how all this works got me, that there is a second part of me, that is observing (I can't describe this good in my words but you all know it from people with better wordings than me).

Before that, all I have seen was the explanation of an old man and a child (being your rational mind and your instincts) and I have learned to change my emotions to direct said child up to some degree.

But with lucid dreaming it seems I could talk to it and that is something I very much look forward to.

My Problem:

My biggest problem in starting is, that a lot of advice here tends to go with meditation. For me, mediation is something you only get the point of after you get it. And that seems to apply to reality checks. In my understanding of the world, my hands will look normal, so i look closely at my hands and well, they do look normal. I can make this a habit, no problem, but as it gets said many times here on the forums, you have to try ask yourself, if this is a dream. But how can I ask myself this, when I haven't had the experience. I'll try to elaborate.


Since I was long, I had a problem with not getting to sleep. I often lie awake several hours because I can't put a stop to all the things in my head. Mostly fantasies, like wake dream stories. I was taught autogenic training and having something to do (a mantra) helped me a bit. While not really helping with sleep, I found that I could control some things like body temperature, heart rate, thoughts etc.

So yesterday, I've downloaded a dreamjournal app and got the first newsletter telling me to say "I can remember my dreams" while I lie down and think of things do do in my dream. Not trying to do to much on the first days I said to myself to only do this.

So I said the phrase to me in the normal autogenic training like way to sync it with your breath. (I translated it to my native language "Ich kann mich an meine Träume erinnern") Soon I found myself feeling a bit numb on hands and toes and suddenly I remembered a trick someone said to concentrate on the back of your head where it touches the pillow. As I did this, I felt like my consciousness got a bit dizzy and everything turned a bit. Not like falling out of your body, but like when in films a person passes out and this gets visualized by the camera dropping to the ground. I got excited (and a bit scared) and suddenly remembered the phrase (to keep doing it as it seems I was on a good path) bit this triggered the breathing and the feeling suddenly got away. So I opened my eyes.

After that I tried several times (also lying on the side) but after some time, there was a tinnitus like sound and my head hurt like hell. I think that I was very concentrated and clenching my teeth or else stresses my jaw.

After some time I fell asleep but did not remember why and when (perhaps 1 hour later).
As I woke up, i was clearly remembering the end of a dream and I wrote the first entry in my dream diary.

My Situation:

I tried most reality checks but caught myself thinking "sure, this is reality" and in a dream I will think the same. I would need something, that surely fails in a dream.
  • Breathing through your nose feels a bit like suffocation and is nothing I would like as a habit.
  • I wear no clock, only a smartphone, but I never remembered using one in a dream.
  • While pushing my finger through my palm I simply feel ridiculous. I can not imagine this to happen when not at least once realizing it in a dream and seeing it being possible.
  • The same with my reflection in the mirror or my hands, why should they ever look different.
  • Text and watch faces are something that would work, I think, but I don't want to develop a habit to stand still for 15 seconds when I am in a hurry and have to keep track of the time etc. And I surely will be in a hurry in a dream every time I look at a watch.
  • Jumping is a reality check that seems worth its time but I tend to thinking in my dreams are normal laws of physics (hard to motivate me when it feels worthless).

There were some methods listed where you have to wake yourself up in a REM sleep phase and go beck to bed etc.
The problem with this is, I sleep together with my girlfriend and while she does not care about me doing what ever I want in my sleep ;) we normally sleep very close, so I don't even know how to grab my smartphone without waking her up. Having an alarm clock earlier then necessary would be a sure death ;)

Normally, we sleep, that I lie on my back and she lies on one of my arms, sleeping on the side. I was very wild in my sleep but calmed down since this habit and keep my sleeping position most of the time.
I also often wake up in the middle of the night, mostly after a dream. But getting my phone and adding a dream entry could be a bit difficult. (Voice recorders are to loud and I really cannot draw :D ) I think, handling a smartphone with one hand would be the best option. I also don't want to disturb her sleep rhythm because this is the only factor at the moment bringing me to actually get sleep at all.

I thought the best for me would be a method I can get into while lying on the back. I have no problem with not moving and have very much comfort with the mantras. But when reading on WILD I often hear mediation. And I have no idea what to do with it. What kind of meditation? What should I expect from it? What is the reason for it? Does it work without meditation? What does not work without? and so on...

And also many people say that this method is one of the harder ones.

I tried visualizing a scene yesterday but got into a viewing observer mode. And it felt like not being there. I quickly changed scenes because I could not settle on one. I tried to imagine me looking from out of a window into a room, which worked in third person but when I tried imagining me out there, I fell down and couldn't float anymore.
I also thought of scenes where I tried concentrating on one thing, a table for example. But my mind drifted after one or two minutes.

I cannot make myself to think something, but I can make myself to do something. The question is, what would you suggest should I do?

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