Elements that keep coming back

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Elements that keep coming back

Postby crazyguitarking » 06 Dec 2014 14:52

Hello folks

I just slept again in the sofa because when I wake up for something and it's done I sleep after immediately in case I didn't sleep enough yet. What flashed me is that when I sleep in the sofa I get more intense dreams, somewhat more memorable and a bit more realistic (it has a certain structure and the images are very clear and not blurry). So it makes that I remember more of my dream when I sleep overday i the sofa.

But I'm not going to tell yet what for a crazy dream I had just an hour ago, first I wanted to discuss something, rather ask something. I keep having dreams that contain the same element: seeing the end of a rainbow. Rainbows in my dreams can have a very strange shape and the colours might be different from the real ones, but yet I keep seeing the end of a raibow (without gold) in my dreams and I'm going to stand in it. However the rainbows are mostly made in a fake way, but still it isn't possible to create them that way in real life even though they're made up rainbows.

As we all know you can not reach the end of a rainbow, and plus I study physics so it would be a shame if I didn't know that. (Since the rainbow you see is from a certain angle from your eye and is different from the ones other see and you can see a full circle when you're on a high place blablabla).

Anyways, from previous dreams I have learned that elements that keep coming back in your dream mean that you have the urge to do them, you long for them until you did it. And then the element will stop occuring in your dream. (I know I have the urge to find the end of the rainbow even though I know it's impossible xD, damn this dream will haunt me forever).

What does it actually mean when elements return in different dreams?

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Re: Elements that keep coming back

Postby buildit » 07 Dec 2014 08:50

Just a thought, since it is a dream there can be an end and a beginning. Next time you experience the rainbow, either fly or climb to a point high enough to see the two ends and then mark them so you can go to both of them. In reality things which can not be done may be dreamt upon and completed.
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Re: Elements that keep coming back

Postby jasmine2 » 10 Dec 2014 05:45

Whenever I see a rainbow, I always feel like nature is gently presenting me with a magic, dream-like gift of beauty. Watching rainbows immediately transports my mind away from every day routine and concerns, and, for a brief time, my consciousness seems to float effortlessly on the edge of some abstract realm of expanded possibilities.

If I had recurring dreams about rainbows, I might associate this with the idea that my unconscious mind was encouraging me to really think about what larger dreams and aspirations I have for my life, and then to work on ways to gradually realize those potentialities.

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Re: Elements that keep coming back

Postby taniaaust1 » 30 Dec 2014 13:36

Reincurring themes in dreams just means a life situation or whatever this dream refers too, hasnt changed at all. Dreams change when things in life do.
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