Recurring Walking Dead Dream

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Recurring Walking Dead Dream

Postby jazzy_turnip » 09 Jan 2015 11:07

My mind has created a Walking Dead fanfiction, but I'm wondering if it's more than that because I've dreamt it (with slightly different storylines each time but always with the same location and goal) two or three times.

The Walking Dead gang (Rick, Daryl, etc) and myself and entering the White House. It doesn't look like the White House that we know, but I know that's what the building is. It's during the zombie apocalypse of course, but there aren't any walkers outside, only hundreds and hundreds inside. We always start on the top floor for some reason, we fight our way the hoards of walkers with our aim being to get into the basement level. We believe that the president is hiding in a bunker there. I never have an idea of who the president is, so I think 'president' mustn't mean a person, but it must stand for something else. The other major reason for wanting to get down there is that there are these green machines (sort of like flat tractors) that we can use to defeat the walkers. We always get down there, even though we're impossibly outnumbered. We always find out that there is no bunker and there is no president. The green machines are lined up and I get on one and start bulldozing walkers. The dream ends there, though once I think we took them outside.

I'm thinking that it's my subconscious telling me to dig deep for something but apart from that I have no idea what this could mean. Thoughts?
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