LD Tips: How do you all STAY lucid?

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Re: LD Tips: How do you all STAY lucid?

Postby taniaaust1 » 28 Jan 2015 09:22

hectorjose wrote: As I am walking around looking for my sister, the dream ends and I wake up in bed. I keep my eyes closed and do not move a muscle. I start thinking about the scene I had been in, how the scenary looked, and how I felt a bit of anxiety getting lost in Hong Kong. Less than a minute later, I am fully conscious and standing in the scene I had dreamt about... but this time I am fully lucid (and the anxiety is gone and replaced with satisfaction and awe).

great dream. That's what I was trying to say :D . .. use the dream feels too to get back in or to get into one that one is starting to loose at a stronger point of the dream. I think using the "feel" of a dream to pull one back in.. really adds to being able to get back into one. I try to use all my senses I had in the dream.. to get back or to stabilise it more.

I think many try to visualise themselves back but dont think to use the "feel" of being in the dream too.
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Re: LD Tips: How do you all STAY lucid?

Postby hectorjose » 28 Jan 2015 19:16

I think you are absolutely right and based on my results, that definitely seems to be the case. I had one where I was lucid standing at a busy street, woke up and as I lay in bed, I thought about the sounds of the cars, how "busy" the scene felt, as well as the eye visual of the scene, and slipped right back into the lucid scene in a very short time.

The one I described where I felt anxiety of possibly getting stranded in hong kong, when I woke up, I thought both about the visuals and the feelings of anxiety I had felt, and slipped back into the scene fully lucid. I agree with you that most people's (including what use to be me) idea of what "visualization" means, is only to form a picture or image in their mind. I have studied visualization in depth and have learned that true visualization includes visuals, sounds, smells, feelings, and that it is even possible to use visualization in this way to go from a meditative state into a scene you create (although I haven't been able to achieve this yet other than the WILD's and MILD's :D )
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