What does hair mean to you?

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What does hair mean to you?

Postby Parap » 31 Jan 2015 05:59

Dreamt that I was visiting my friend's new apartment, which is odd since she's only 19 and lives with her parents. Anyways the layout of this apartment was like a classroom we had in high school together, and it was completely furnished. We were sitting on her bed talking about the AC being out and the internet being down in the apartment but for some reason i was really interested in her hair and asked her if i could... hold it, i guess? So she took it off in one piece like a wig, only she had a full head of the same long straight black hair underneath as well, and handed it to me. It was weird though because it was like a plastic military helmet with hair attached to it, not really a wig. Anyways I kinda looked at it then put it on for a sec and it turned a lighter shade of brown and became much shorter, like my actual hair. I left after that, and she was no longer in the dream. Some other stuff happened afterwards but that's the most vivid memory I have of it. Does anyone have any ideas what it might have meant?

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Re: What does hair mean to you?

Postby jasmine2 » 10 Mar 2015 23:23


Some of my associations with hair in a dream -

Each of us is born with a certain type of hair, influenced by our genes. However, we often can choose to change our hair style, which is one way we communicate our persona, our public personality, to other people.

Hair grows from the scalp, which along with the skull, provides protection for the brain, so perhaps the dreaming mind sometimes uses images of hair to symbolize something about our thought patterns and attitudes. (Wavy hair is somewhat like brain waves.)

So in dreams, having messy, tangled hair, might represent conflicted thinking, whereas, deciding to try a new dream hair style may imply thinking about making some changes in one's lifestyle or routine ways of thinking.

- jasmine2

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