WBTB Fail: Can't get back to sleep

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WBTB Fail: Can't get back to sleep

Postby nowhere_girl » 17 Feb 2012 00:47

I'm kind of ticked off with regards to trying WBTB.

As I'm generally a light sleeper and I'm now on my midterm (where I can afford to sleep in in the mornings) I thought it would be the perfect time to practise WBTB without it interfering with my school life. however my body clock almost works like, well, clockwork. Going to sleep anytime before 2 a.m. will without fail result in my waking by 8 in the morning. I always think "Great, I'll try it now and go back to sleep" but it proves fruitless. It just refuses to work for me. After this time, sleep just evades me and if it does, it's a short and dreamless sleep. It's beginning to get quite frustrating.

I'm not sure are there any tips to be got that could help to solve this or is it useless posting, but it might at least be nice to know I'm not alone in the boat of morning restlessness?

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Re: WBTB Fail: Can't get back to sleep

Postby Peter » 17 Feb 2012 09:20

try going to bed a couple of hours early and set an alarm clock for say 4 hours and try WBTB. The timing might be out but you will know your sleep patterns.

And post whatever you like and someone will answer if they can, that what the forum is for

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Re: WBTB Fail: Can't get back to sleep

Postby torakrubik » 17 Feb 2012 23:20

If you can afford to lose a bit of sleep, record the modal time you go to sleep over a week, say. Then count however many 90minute cycles you wish from then and set an alarm right in the middle of a cycle. There is more scientific detail on this in Rebecca's articles, but long story short when you try to go back to sleep your body will be begging you for dream sleep, and hopefully initiating a lucid dream :)
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