How do I make a mantra effective?

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How do I make a mantra effective?

Postby Jacob46719 » 02 Feb 2015 09:09

I usually use MILD and repeat mantras when I first go to bed. Is there a certain period of time I have to repeat a mantra to make it work? I'm trying to alter scenarios in non-lucid dreams and false awakenings. (Current mantra is "Next time I wake up, I will remember to feel my tail" and variations thereof, used to hopefully alter FAs)
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Re: How do I make a mantra effective?

Postby taniaaust1 » 04 Feb 2015 01:57

There is no specific length of time for a mantra, depends on the individual.

You are doing an "affirmations". You have too many words there for it to work like a mantra, a mantra is a single word or a sound (sometimes two syllables, it isnt a string of individual words making a sentence).

Mantras are also best done with the breath for greatest impact

eg eg the word "aware" on an inbreath and the word "sleep" on the outbreath done over and over, would be a mantra.

In Dream yoga (with aim to have a LD) .. the mantra commonly used isnt even one which has real words with meanings but rather one based on two sounds done with the breath.

For affirmations to work well, its best to keep them as simple as possible. Make them simple postive statments as if fact eg "I can lucid dream" .. is a good affirmation.

Its simple and precise and positive with no needless words so each word makes an impact on the subconsciousness and conscious. One can think deeply about affirmations and not go saying them in the same way one says mantras. One can deepen ones affirmation thought by thinking of the thought in pictures, taking care to "feel" the thought etc etc. (So a different kind of focus is often used for an affirmation). With affirmations best to really connect to the affirmation.

With affirmations, time spent on this is less important then the depth of the thinking of it. eg "I will feel my tail" (if that is what you wish to do.. imagine doing it too, dont just say an affirmation.. also with affirmations, its best to say your affirmation over various points of the day, not just in one session as mantras are done. Mantras are generally done to get one into a certain state the time being done).

Then there is " thought programming" eg programming something into ones subconsiousness, this can be done as per affirmations, "some" mantras and via some other ways. You are currently attempting to do that.
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