Question about two dream characters that I encountered

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Question about two dream characters that I encountered

Postby DudeMan010 » 03 Feb 2015 23:57

In my recent lucid dream I went to the roof of my house to stare at the sky (it was rally beautiful) and I yelled "I want to see my subconscious". Then I heard a voice in my head and said told me "You are not ready yet, first you must go to your left). I left the roof and went to my left (which would be my patio), and I found a brown horse there. I got the sensation that he was the one who spoke to me so I approached him and horse did the same. I pet him and I got a sensation that he wanted me to mount him, so I did. When we left off I don't remember what happened during the journey (except that after the journey a leveled up my cowboy skills like if it was a video game). After that I was in my room thinking what else to do. This time I screamed "I want to see my spirit guide". Nothing happened so I decided to go to the family room while I thought of what to do next. as I headed there I saw a girl (about my age I think) in my balcony. I went to the balcony to see this girl and when I saw her I quickly recognized her in other dreams that I've had in other occasions. So I asked her who she was but right after that question a friend of mine named Rachel appeared out of nowhere from my house and jumped from the balcony committing suicide. I wasn't surprised or shocked at all and neither was the girl. So I turned over to the girl to see what would she answer. But instead, she completely ignored my question and started to sell me a dead plant with fungi around it (that plant belongs to me btw). So I refuesed to buy her the plant. After that I woke up.

But my question is that Who was the horse and especially the girl that I have seen in previous dreams? If someone has a clue about this than please comment I will really appreciate it.

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