Share Your Lucid Dream Experiences!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Share Your Lucid Dream Experiences!

Postby Bboudreau7 » 11 Feb 2015 04:33

** I have had 2 lucid dreams in the past, years and years apart, I never try to make them happen they just happen, I am 21 years old**
Feel free to share your experiences! :D

1-I went to bed and set my alarm for 20 minutes
2-I woke up when my alarm went off and I didn't feel like I had enough sleep so I set it for 1 more hour
3-The rest takes place all in my dream
4-I woke up with marijuana on my floor beside my bed & on my side table and filled in a pill container that I had snapped in half a month ago. (this pill container wasn't snapped anymore)
5-I sat up wondering why it was there so I walked toward my kitchen
6-I spoke to my dad who was standing in the kitchen and he had said he gave it to me (I quit smoking weed a month and a half ago, didn't want to smoke it anymore)
7-Confused, I walked away toward my room.
8-I then seen my mother standing in the bathroom talking to family friends on Skype through a laptop which was resting on my bathroom sink
9-I spoke to family friends through laptop and they were with people I have never met (looked similar to who I was stabbed by) these people whispered to each other is this the guy who was shot saying this to my family friend, I was stabbed 5 times a year ago so I thought that's what they meant (so I left, got up & walked toward my room)
10-When I got back to my room I told my mother to not tell them about me getting stabbed (In case they knew who did it & my family friend would tell them where I live.
11-I went to my bed & went to sleep & woke up (still dreaming though)
12-I woke up and all the marijuana was gone, so I checked the pill bottle which I had broke long ago and it was broken like it should have been.
13-I now assume I'm awake, things seem normal
14-I walked to the living room saw my dad sitting down on the couch, said hi and kept walking past him
15-I walked to the front door and stepped onto my front step looked around everything seemed normal
16-Then a black widow spider lowered itself from the roof and crawled onto my hand & bit my thumb, I felt a pressure as it happened but no pain
17-I told my family out loud that I was just bit by the black widow, (No black widows where I live) my family was gone at this point.
18-I then stepped into my front yard looked around
19-I then heard a very loud BEEP BEEP BEEP which never stopped, it was so loud I felt like I was at a rock concert.
20-I questioned why was I hearing this horribly loud noise
21-I then realized it was my laptop alarm that I had set but I questioned why am I hearing it if i'm awake.
22-"Poof" My laptop just showed up in my hands so I shut my alarm off, the noise didn't stop, so I closed the laptop, noise wouldn't stop, so I turned it over & pulled the battery out, the noise still wouldn't stop.
23-At this point I'm questioning reality and just staring around at my house and street confused.
24-I thought if I'm still dreaming I could make myself fly, like I could when I had a lucid dream when I was younger, so I looked down at my leg and it began floating upward like gravity had left.
25-At this point I now realize i'm dreaming. (I don't panic)
26-I flew up in the air and almost instantly panicked (I'm afraid of heights) so I said to myself "you're not afraid, its a dream" the panicking stopped & I had full control, I then quickly flew around my neighborhood and came right back down into my yard.
27-Now the alarm clock is REALLY starting to bother me
28-I then see my ex girlfriend slowly walking from across the street toward me I couldn't make out her face but I recognized the clothes that were worn (we had broken up almost 3 years ago, she lives in a different city, I shook my head in disbelief and said "no!" & flew backward up into the sky away from her. (I came back down, she was gone)
29-At this point I'm saying to myself "wake up" (nothing) so I repeated it (nothing) now i'm panicking, so I squinted my eyes as hard as I could, said "wake up" (nothing) now i'm kneeling down & literally smacking the sides of my head with both hands and screaming "wake up!!" over and over "why can't I wake up?" nothing could wake me up.
30-I'm panicking because my alarm clock was going off and I wasn't waking up. I thought something was wrong in the real world and that's why I could hear it and i'm not waking up.
31- I then thought maybe if I go to the source of the sound to shut it off maybe I can stop it and get out of this dream.
32-I run back into my house through the living room, through the hallways and back into my room. I see the laptop on the floor closed beside my bed, so I walk up to it
33-I sit on my bed open the laptop and find the alarm, I shut it off, the noise stops but then I end up at the Facebook page somehow and my ex had messaged me , "it will just be me and you tomorrow" (it was in the popup chat) I somehow replied without writing saying the printer is working now. lol. I haven't spoke to her in 2 & half years. I closed the laptop panicking again. And I woke up to a BEEP BEEP BEEP
34-Finally I could regain control (i'm awake) I then shut my laptop alarm off.
35-I looked at my clock, all this had taken place over 5 minutes since the alarm had went off.
36-I sat on my bed with my hands on my head not moving, heart beating heavily, and continued to feel weird for up to 20 minutes not realizing what had just happened to me, still thinking i'm in a dream.
37-I then researched and found this forum and I'm telling you all about it.

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Re: Share Your Lucid Dream Experiences!

Postby taniaaust1 » 14 Feb 2015 08:22

I find it incredible that you were in the dream so deeply that even thou the alarm was going off and you heard it and it was bugging you, that it didnt wake you up for so long. That would of paniced me into thinking there was something wrong with my physical body too, I probably would of started thinking I'd died.
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