False Awakening, Lucid Dream or Sleep Paralysis?

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False Awakening, Lucid Dream or Sleep Paralysis?

Postby astrovineyard » 11 Feb 2015 05:48

There seems to be some debate on what each of these things are, and if they are describing the same things or not. I will hear "no, that is not LD, it is SP" or instead "false awakening" or whatever. Then you throw in the terms hypnagogic and hypnopompic "hallucinations" competing with the term "dream" and whether or not any paralysis is linked to actual REM paralysis or is all part of the dream.

What do you guys think?

In my own experience my SP and hallucinations were one in the same thing as nightmares for me because they WERE my "bad dreams." I didn't know any different and hadn't yet learned the correct terminology. But now I'm unsure again of what I once had. And of course it is so subjective that I don't think anyone can say an experience is one thing or another based solely on someone's description of their dream. You'd need an EEG or some kind of clinical observation/diagnosis, no?

I even read some list of 7 or 8 criteria that must ALL be met for a dream to be lucid or not - if so, do all LDs here make the cut? Or can there be KINDS of LD, of varying awareness and freedom of control?

But anyway, regarding the newest term to my vocabulary - false awakening - even that seems to fit the bill for a variety of diverse phenomena such as (going from memory):

1. A "dream within a dream" - where you wake up in a dream to find yourself in another dream. This actually would seem the OPPOSITE of lucid, since upon each awakening you convince yourself that NOW you were awake and just BEFORE you were dreaming, a sort of Monday Quarterbacking.

2. Dreaming you wake up and start your day, again, thinking it real and NOT a dream, and THEN waking up to have to go through all of the things again.

3. Another name for lucid dreams - or perhaps a certain TYPE of LD?

4. Allegedly the culprit responsible for most sleep paralysis experiences.

5. And finally, the odd, rare unexpected bedwetting accident, whereupon you think you are awake and on the toilet and with what seems an appropriateness and confidence, begin urinating - for real! As I understand it "regular" bedwetters wet in a deeper non-REM phase of sleep with no actual memory or sensation of wetting. Any fans of false awakenings want to claim this one? ;)

6. Oh, and I just thought of possibly "sleep sex" of the variety where you dream you are going through the motions, and to your surprise wake up to find yourself actually doing them! Now, as I understand it, this is different from a wet dream. But in REM sleep I'm not sure how these movements are possible, so maybe it is a non-REM thing you wake up doing, and wet dreams are REM phenomenon marked by their dreams but any lack of movement due to paralysis? Not sure if anything in this 6th category is a false awakening except for the fact that it is something you think you are really doing - and apparently really are.

So anyone want to tease apart these phenomena for what they are (and are not) for the community?


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