A new experience with WILD

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A new experience with WILD

Postby thomas » 23 Feb 2012 03:12

Hello all! I'm getting fairly consistent with lucid dreams via WILD but I had a new experience last night.
Last night I was meditating ( I usually use tranquil music to help relax) and I started noticing voices talking over the music - not real loud though. There is no talking on this particular CD. I attribute the voices to auditory HI. I slightly focused on the voices and "followed" them into a WILD. This is what I mean by "followed". I was also seeing visual HI and it began to interact with the voices. Eventually the two merged and I was in the lucid dream. Difficult to explain.

I have heard auditory HI before when meditating without music. This is the first time that it was audible OVER the music.

So - for those of you working on the WILD technique here is another possibility for slipping into a LD.

The biggest thing I have learned so far about WILD is "go with the flow". Relax and don't try to force it.

And for those of you who meditate try it in during the night after a wake-up. I have had a lot of success with this. It keeps me focused and makes WILD's much easier. (at least for me) I guess it's a variation on the WBTB.


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