My own method of lucid dreaming

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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My own method of lucid dreaming

Postby Doors » 27 Feb 2015 12:15

Most people suggest finding signs in my dream to let me know that it's a dream. For me this method has proven not very effective, considering my dreams are too unpredictable and immersing for me to be able to find signs in my dream. The only common theme of my dreams is broken technology, like tablets and phones and computers, but within my dream my usual instinct is trying to fix them rather than taking it as a sign of dreaming. I found a (in my opinion) very effective way to lucid dream that I would like to share with you all in case you haven't already discovered this strategy.

The way I lucid dream is not by finding signs that I'm dreaming within my dream as most people do, I use my own personal method. I usually concentrate on the idea and intention that I'm going to lucid dream hours before going to sleep, and when I do this I usually fall into a lucid dream straight into drifting into sleep. Over time I accidentally stumbled across the greatest way to lucid dream that I know of. I would lay in bed and let my imagination go wild while still conscious, like purposefully daydreaming right before falling asleep. I did this and instead of losing consciousness, my imagination I was controlling would simply transition into a lucid dream without much effort as long as I take attention away from my physical body but keep my abstract mind active. It's hard to explain how I do this, but basically I focus my entire mind on my imagination and just sort of picture different impossible scenarios and movies in my head, and it picks up the pace on it's own but I still have control. As I let go of my body and focus on what I imagine, I slowly transition into a lucid dream state without any phase of losing consciousness, but instead my imagination just grows more and more prominent until it's a full on lucid dream. Depressants like alcohol actually can help with this, since I was rather tipsy when I discovered this. Using this method I was able to produce the most vivid and life like lucid dreams I have ever experienced, and it was much easier to retain memory from the dreams.

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Re: My own method of lucid dreaming

Postby Peter » 27 Feb 2015 21:17

Sounds like a WILD and its a good way if you have the control to get there
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Re: My own method of lucid dreaming

Postby taniaaust1 » 08 Mar 2015 05:31

I agree with Peter, you are actually doing WILD.

The way I lucid dream is not by finding signs that I'm dreaming within my dream as most people do,

Possibly a very wrong assumption there. Many of us don't do dream signs, quite possibly half of us don't use them? (I've never studied how many of us are or aren't to make any kind of guess). I never have. Many become lucid just spontaneously without them while others may do WILD. Dream signs are something though often recommended to beginners starting out as it can help.
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