My Semi-Nightly Mall Dreams

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My Semi-Nightly Mall Dreams

Postby dylanobilly » 26 Feb 2015 01:03

Probably 3 or 4 times a week (low estimate) I dream about being in a mall, a shopping center, walking around. This is very strange, and has been happening for a few years. It is a different mall each time, and I'm currently trying to do a reality check whenever I'm actually in a mall. What could this mean? Why is it so often? Also who else has this type of regular reoccurrence?

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Re: My Semi-Nightly Mall Dreams

Postby taniaaust1 » 08 Mar 2015 04:32

I get mall dreams quite often too. My last one was only a few nights ago. I guess its a common symbol for that there is stuff you want in your life or are seeking or getting. Not of cause literally the things you see yourself getting in these dreams but the symbols of these things will be clues of things in life you seek or just have got.

eg in life, I'm wanting/needing more "sweetness" more good things in my life as I'm currently going through a lot of bad stuff. This inner wish and need of mine was shown in my last mall dream where I approached a bakery in the mall and brought firstly a bakery sweet bread dessert and then brought a big hot roasted, battered strawberry. (which I've been craving in real life since seeing this in my dream, funny what the subconsciousness comes up with as I've never heard of such a sweet before...I love those chinese battered fried bananas so I guess my subconsciousness took the concept from those).

Maybe hot strawberries also say something about my love life desires for wanting more passion in the love department :)

That's a good idea to use the mall for reality checking...

anyway.. to understand your mall dreams more, pay attention to what kinds of things you buy or what you do while at the mall. Buying food is usually seeking substance of some kind eg more love (strawberries or chocolates), wanting a healthier life could see someone buying nice fresh healthy fruit and vegatables or sports equipment, wanting more nice life - buying sweets or maybe it could indicate ones life has just became a bit nicer, book shop and buying books - wanting or getting new knowledge etc

I guess due to most things can be represented in a mall, is probably why this symbol is very common (and of cause it is something we all experience in daily life too).
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