Dealing with WILD disorientation: Ideas?

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Re: Dealing with WILD disorientation: Ideas?

Postby Snaggle » 25 Feb 2012 16:42

Graham wrote:My experience with WILDs is very different from lucidinthe sky's, and what others have reported here. I slip so gradually from hypnagogic imagery into a LD that it is hard to say where the boundary is. I have not had a great LD this way, though (and I have in other ways) so maybe that's the price I pay for the smooth transition.

I think you're still in NREM dreams. The transition only happens when one enters rem dreams which are much more vivid and it happens almost instantly. NREM dreams can be: simple HI, complex photo like HI; slide shows; 2d dreams like TV; 2d dreams like PC?/video games; 3d dreams that immense one; multi-dreams of any of the above that one can quickly flip through and chose one to enter. One could enter any of these from normal consciousness directly, but normally they start with HI or HI slideshows and move into something else.
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Re: Dealing with WILD disorientation: Ideas?

Postby lucidinthe sky » 25 Feb 2012 16:53

Graham wrote:They're short, and then I wake up again. I sometimes call them 'dreamlets'.

I call them dream-lites, same thing though. Quite a bit of the time in my WILD attempts, I have these. I tried become lucid in one of them and it just kind of evaporated, like it couldn't handle me being there. I've found that if you keep going, it will change into regular deep dreams, but for me it's harder to maintain awareness through these. It's easier when you go from the lighther HI imaging right into the deep dreams. Maybe there's a technique to help with this.
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Re: Dealing with WILD disorientation: Ideas?

Postby Peter » 25 Feb 2012 21:01

I use a Zeo sleep monitor at times and agree that the NREM dreams come in light sleep and I can induce this light sleep when relaxing, see some images but they are very low level HI. If I then look at the recording I will see that I have been in light sleep. The stronger images that come just before a WILD show up as REM phase in the recording-these can come almost instantly, its cool to be relaxing trying to induce a WILD and then have a look and see that you have been in REM and on the verge of a WILD and fully aware just waiting for sleep to get part of you
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