I lived in the middle ages

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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I lived in the middle ages

Postby pluginmango » 15 Mar 2015 09:05

Last night I got this dream and it was rather exciting to be honest! :D

Apparently I was a man living in the middle ages and I was madly in love with a woman (let's call her Victoria). The sad thing is that this woman was already engaged to another guy (let's call him Robert, idk).Now Robert planned on killing Victoria because he obviously didn't love her. I don't know how I knew about this, but I did. So I came up with a plan to find someone who looked like me (a kind of doppelganger) and lure Robert into Victoria's home. I had sent Victoria away so she wouldn't have to witness what was going to happen. So the doppelganger was in the kitchen and I was hiding in the upstairs bedroom and I heard Robert coming in and yelling to my doppelganger. A few minutes later I heard the doppelganger screaming, apparently Robert had killed him and made his way up to the upstairs bedroom where I was hiding. I got up and snuck behind the door, waiting for him to open it and chop his head off with my sword. Luckily, my plan had worked and Robert's head rolled on the ground and stopped right before my feet.

Suddenly, the scene changed and I was a judge in some kind of courtroom. (Still in the middle ages) Before me stood a guy that had been sentenced for having "undecent actions with other men". The jury found him guilty and the poor guy was sentenced to "death by skinning alive". Guess who had to do the skinning part? :? Next thing I knew he was strapped to a table and I was bent over him with a knife in my hands. I started cutting some skin from his wrists, but I began to shake. There were other people in the room and they were asking me what was wrong because "I didn't have any trouble in the past with skinning people." I tried to continue but I couldn't! I began to cry and became conscious of what I was doing and my mind went: "What are you doing? You can't skin people alive because they're gay! Think of all the gay friends you have! Would you do this to them too?" Meanwhile, the people around me were yelling at me for not doing what I was supposed to do "This man is an abomination!"..."He must be punished for his unholy actions!" and so on...I threw down the knife and woke up immediately.
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