First (probably) lucid dream!

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First (probably) lucid dream!

Postby Sparrow » 01 Jun 2015 19:12

Hey guys! I joined a while ago hoping to have my first lucid dream after a few bouts of on and off practise. WELL, result, it seems!
I wasn't even deliberately inducing it, as I've been working recently and didn't have time to commit to it. But, I was laying in bed the other day, I had been up on my laptop for an hour beforehand because I couldn't sleep, and had put it away and was just dozing. It must have been about 7.30-8.00am at that time.
I was slowly beginning to fall asleep again, when, somehow, my brain seemed to jog awake! I recall being upright in my bed (in the dream) and noticing something odd. Checking my palms, I saw that my fingers were all split in two, and realised! Even then I could feel the heaviness of my body, which I assume was SP, but, as soon as I had realised, the dreamscape went black and I was left in mid panic as to what to do, and accidently opened my eyes! It was an intense experience, even if it wasn't a proper LD, I had to wait a while so gain control of my limbs.

Anyway, just wanted to share this! Even if it wasn't a LD I feel considerably closer to achieving my goal, and it only lasted about 20 seconds, but it was an exhilirating experience.

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Re: First (probably) lucid dream!

Postby RealityCheck » 02 Jun 2015 09:01

Congrats! That's only the beginning to a lucid dream. I've had that too while attempting FILD in the morning. I did a reality check after few seconds and could breathe through my nose. It had finally worked, but my eyes felt extremely heavy and I couldn't push myself up. Then I accidentally opened my real eyes and woke up again.

I'm not sure about this being SP though :) Hope you work your way to a full lucid dream!
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