my first lucid dream and a few questions & thoughts

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my first lucid dream and a few questions & thoughts

Postby staciafuchsia » 06 Mar 2012 19:31

Hi! I'm new to this forum. I just had my first lucid dream last night, after only a few days of practicing reality checks! In my dream, I tried to push my finger through my palm and whaddyaknow, it slipped between the bones and out the other side. Such a strange sensation!

I fell prey a little bit to the "sooo excited!" thing. My childhood best friend and my first love were both in the dream, and when I excitedly asked them why they were there, my first love disappeared and my best friend turned her face away; her answer was garbled, almost gibberish. Later I cheerfully told some other dream characters, "hi! I'm your conscious mind!" and they responded standoffishly, with "um, hi." (I actually found this pretty amusing and not surprising; I can be sort of standoffish myself when I first meet people. Makes sense that my unconscious bits need to get to know me before they'll open up, heh.)

I need to improve my dream recall; I woke up from the dream in the middle of the night and straight away started writing what I remembered -- though I had to go into another room to turn on the light, so as not to disturb my sleeping partner; I should buy a booklight! -- but almost immediately the details, especially of chronology, started getting blurry and imprecise. I remember waking up with such happy certainty that I had been lucid, but if I hadn't, and if I hadn't immediately written it down, I might have quickly convinced myself that I had made the whole thing up! Which makes me wonder if I have been lucid before and simply forgotten...

So, any tips on improving dream recall, beyond writing regularly in a dream journal?

Some other problems I ran into, which may or may not go away with practice...

-- I am not sure how to control my dreams. Last night I still followed where it took me, more or less, and in fact I think being lucid was quite a distraction from what might otherwise have happened! But I think this is also a recall issue. I can't quite REMEMBER what was happening!

-- I believe my dream ended and I woke up not because I was distracted or over-excited by lucidity but because I sort of lost interest in what was going on at the present moment! I mean, I ceased to be mindful in the Buddhist sense and let my internal monologue start up as though I were awake and going about my day-to-day business. I suspect that starting up a meditation practice again (I used to practice vipassana/insight meditation) would help out. As would getting more experience in controlling and and following my dreams -- the realization of lucidity alone will not sustain my interest while I'm dreaming, and in my dream last night I got kind of stuck at that point.

Anyway, hi, and thanks for all the great information collected on this site!

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Re: my first lucid dream and a few questions & thoughts

Postby HAGART » 06 Mar 2012 21:15

The best way to recall a dream is to stay in the same sleep position. Just stay there and let the memories come flooding back. Only after you remember can you write it down in detail. I write it down in note form, and then expound on it in more detail later.
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Re: my first lucid dream and a few questions & thoughts

Postby AHM » 11 Mar 2012 23:11

When you wake up, don't just get up and look for your dream journal to write in. The moment you wake up, keep your eyes closed and don't move at all. The more you feel, hear, move etc. the more you forget about your dreams. With your eyes closed, try to recall everything you can about your dream so it's transported to your short term memory and when you're sure there's nothing more, write what you recalled in your journal.

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Re: my first lucid dream and a few questions & thoughts

Postby DreamSailing » 11 Mar 2012 23:38

you got a better response out of your DCs (dream characters, its a term i found on another site) mine normally just stare at me blankly. i asked one what her name was and you know what she said? she said "burnt" lol, then i asked again and she said something like "tree" or "car" or something weird like that. but normally i just get ignored.

congratulations on your first LD! i know how exciting it is, i have had a lucid dream here and there for years now but i consider myself knew because i never have been consistent. i would go by what has been said already, don't just jump out of bed (actually this is what i normally do, now i know not to) lay still and remember as much as possible. the more you practice the better you will get.

wishing you happy dreaming :)
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Re: my first lucid dream and a few questions & thoughts

Postby staciafuchsia » 20 Mar 2012 18:32

hey, thanks so much for the replies! I've had two more lucid dreams since I posted here. In the first of those, I focused on changing my environment and accomplished this by singing to it... I was in a dark and foreboding forest that I didn't much like, so I sang "Here Comes the Sun" and brought the sun out! Plus some fun unexpected Suessian buildings and spires that rose up between the trees.

My memory of the second is not so good. I did write in a dream journal when I woke up, but boy is my handwriting awful when I'm half awake. I will definitely try out your suggestions to lie still and remember as much as possible before writing anything down. I imagine that will help on several counts... I've also got to work on convincing myself to take the time (away from sleep) to write down non-lucid dreams and dream fragments to improve my dream recall.

I tried the "Here Comes the Sun" trick in the second dream as well, and got nighttime to turn to... well, overcast evening maybe? Definitely still need some practice.

I've seen some mention on these boards of a "plan of action" as a way of confirming lucidity and maintaining it... i.e. if you're doing something you thought of while awake, you're definitely lucid, and as long as you're doing that thing you'll probably stay lucid. Right? How do you decide on an appropriate plan of action? And-- what do you do if you discover you can't enact it in your dream? I mean, I can do a lot more in my lucid dreams than I can when I'm awake, but I do feel my ideas of "reality" resisting my attempts to change things. For example, I can fly in my dreams, but in one of these lucid dreams, I tried to fly with my boyfriend on my back and was reduced to taking big hops instead because he was so heavy. Any advice on getting over these sorts of realism humps?

Thanks. I'm really enjoying this exploration.

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