Weird Experience

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Weird Experience

Postby DragonFyre » 09 Mar 2012 00:34

Okay, so over the summer, I had this really weird thing happen to me, and I don't know what it means or what to make of it. This was just really weird and really put me off for a couple of minutes.

I was riding the bus home from a long day of work one summer evening. I was completely drained of energy, seeing that I had worked a for a collective amount of 12 hours that day. And like most of us do, I leaned my head against the seat in front of me to rest for a bit. During that time, I had a song going through my head. And for a second, I fell asleep. But right as I fell asleep, the song kept playing inside my head, INSTANTLY after I dozed off! I jerked awake and was left wondering "What the heck just happened?" I wasn't even listening to any music. There wasn't any playing on the bus and nobody else was listening to music that I could hear. I even took out my MP3 player and turned to the song that played in my head, and the short instant of the song had played in my head exactly as it actually was!

I am just really confused and don't know what to think about this.

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Re: Weird Experience

Postby torakrubik » 09 Mar 2012 23:30

Sounds to me like the wanderings of a fatigued mind. Not sure how much dreaming comes into it, but your mind could well have slipped into hypnagogic states.
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