Hi everyone! My experience with sleep paralysis

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Hi everyone! My experience with sleep paralysis

Postby davegoldney1 » 28 Oct 2015 19:38

hello, my name is Dave. I've joined this forum to learn a little bit more about lucid dreaming as other than the few things I've read online I am pretty much clueless. Throughout the last few years I have often found myself in situations where I am lying in bed asleep but I am conscious and realising I am sleeping but yet cannot move around at all. Whenever i tried i would often felt like the bed was pulling me back down or that my body was too heavy. This is something which i now think is sleep paralysis. I've just started my first year at university and am finding i am getting this more and more often, possibly because my sleeping pattern isn't very good. Im going out at night a lot more now and I'm often taking naps during the day, or waking up around 10ish but falling back asleep. This is when it happens the most. Around three weeks ago for the first time while i while sleeping i dreamt there was a big spider about a foot away from my face in my bed and it was moving around (in fact i think it's where my phone was when i feel asleep and i had seen it change form), since i was unable to move or wake myself up it actually frightened me quite a lot, i was actually trying to scream but unable to make any movements or noise. I later in the dream thought that there was a dark-figured man in my room which i originally thought was my flatmate trying to wake me up as i thought he could hear my screaming, it wasn't though and clearly part of my dream. I have since then read about techniques about waking up during sleep paralysis e.g. wiggling toes and fingers which has been quite successful. This morning, after a night out last night, i got up for breakfast around 9 and then went back to sleep and found myself having sleep paralysis again. This time i saw spiders webs around my bed room but having realised i was dreaming i remained a bit more calm and tried to turn it lucid (as i'd read it's quite easy to do that from this stage). I imagined i was going back to sleep and pictured myself standing up and i started hearing this swirling sound (similar to the sound when you're underwater), at which point i got freaked out and woke myself up by wiggling my toes. The main question I have is that when i read about how to teach yourself lucid dreaming often a large chunk of it is recognising that you are dreaming. However, the problem I am finding is that i understand that I am dreaming but unable to move or leave my sleeping state. I am also finding that I am a bit reluctant to start learning since i always read about people doing really cool stuff like being a superhero but most of the times i have considered trying to have a lucid dream it's always been in quite a bit of a scary environment. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice? Thank you!

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Re: Hi everyone! My experience with sleep paralysis

Postby Bunj » 01 Nov 2015 15:19

I think you're more likely to astral project.

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Re: Hi everyone! My experience with sleep paralysis

Postby jasmine2 » 01 Nov 2015 22:53

Welcome to the forum.
I suggest the following resources regarding sleep paralysis, hypngogia, and general information about lucid dreaming.

- 3 articles by Ryan Hurd at web site dreamstudies.org
- "10 ways to wake up from sleep paralysis"
- "Hypnagogia and Hypnopompia"
- "How to encourage sleep paralysis as a gateway to extraordinary dreaming."

- Here on world-of-lucid-dreaming Home page - click on "Articles" and "Resources"

- The following is my favorite book about lucid dreaming -
"Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner

- Web site - Lucid Dreaming Experience -dreaminglucid.com
Includes archive of free online magazine LDE - which features many interviews with experienced lucid dreamers

Best of luck to you - jasmine2

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Re: Hi everyone! My experience with sleep paralysis

Postby davegoldney1 » 08 Nov 2015 17:10

Thanks very much

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