Terrifying Experience

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Mrs. Hiddleston
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Terrifying Experience

Postby Mrs. Hiddleston » 28 Dec 2015 20:01

Hey guys!

So, I recently introduced my dad to 'The World of Lucid Dreaming' in hopes it can help his huge nightmare problem.

One night, I was playing Minecraft when I heard him softly grunting. I didn't think anything of it, until he started moving. It started with his foot shaking, then his whole leg began to jerk, and his head shook from side to side. His hands also twitched and his fingers spread so far apart it looked painful. Then, he began to rock his entire body and his noises became more... pained, like he was trying to scream or yell but he couldn't.

I decided right then and there to wake him up, and it took a few slaps on the shoulder of varying degrees of hardness to wrestle him out of his state, and his eyes shot open and they were bloodshot and he stared at me for a few seconds before I asked if he was okay.

When we talked at the breakfast table the next morning, he told me that he constantly has dreams like those. We're talking about 90% of the time he dreams, it's a dream like that. He describes it as he's dreaming of laying on the bed, then all of a sudden something comes from behind (he's almost always on his side) and attempts to drag him off the bed by grabbing his ankle and arm. He is able to fight it by kicking his legs and trying to yell 'stop!' go away!' but they never do until they decide to leave him alone and he wakes up. He said when I was hitting him the night before to try and wake up, in the dream he thought it was something else trying to grab him from the other side in his dream. So, he could feel me hitting him in his own dream. Then, when he woke up, he said that the reason he stared at me for a few seconds was because he was trying to figure out why I was there, then it came back to him that he was still on the couch and not in bed.

The most heartbreaking part is that he said it is so freaking terrifying that he wouldn't ever wish it on anybody. So, I introduced him to lucid dreaming. I told him that if these were just dreams (which is what he told me he thought they were) and not actual paranormal attacks, then as a dream, it can be controlled through LDing, right? My main concern is when I told him that it's best to keep a dream journal to try and remember more dreams, he admitted that he didn't want to because most of his dreams are like that and he's terrified of them.

Do you guys have any idea of what he's going through? And if he were to try and start the process to learn how to lucid dream, what would be the best ways to combat these horrifying nightmares so he can sleep better at night?
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Re: Terrifying Experience

Postby jasmine2 » 30 Dec 2015 04:27

Mrs. Hiddleston,
It sounds like your dad frequently experiences sleep paralysis, during which the one's body is asleep but the mind is in a half sleep/half awake state.

Here are some resources make may be beneficial. -

- Website - Dream Studies Portal - dreamstudies.org
Hosted by Ryan Hurd - Click on tab - "Sleep Paralysis"
Includes about 20 articles about sleep paralysis and hynagogia phenomena. I especially recommend -

- "9 Ways To Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis"
Ryan's "ultimate Method" is - "Scrunch up your face ... snarl and squint. Do this two or three tomes ... and the paralysis will break immediately."

- Also, see - "The Sleep Paralysis Report" Dream Studies Portal - dreamstudies.org - (Online - free)

- Also, before going to sleep, imagine being in a borderline sleep/awake state, and you "feel" the near presence of a dark, scary creature. Imagine being strong and bravely fighting the creature. Brag that you are a fierce dragon. Roar and breath fire.
(See YouTube - Song - "I Can Do Anything ..." 1950 - (starts at 1:10 min.)

- Alternatively, just relax and tell the dream demon that you you want to be friends. Tell him that you love him. (This worked magically to banish a scary "demon", when I experienced sleep paralysis several months ago.

- Web search articles -
- "248 - Sound Sleep, Sound Mind - With Barry Krakow, M.D." - shrinkrapradio.com
Click - transcript or podcast

- "Dr. Barry Krakow - Insomnia and SDB" - sleepreviewmag.com

I don't know if your dad has any recurring nightmares related to military or other traumatic experiences. If so, see -

- "Barry Krakow, M.D. - PTSD and Sleep" - the therapyhouse.org

- Article - "Getting Rid Of Repeating Nightmares - A Simple, Potent New Recipe" - huffingtonpost.com
By Belleruth Naparstek

- YouTube - Belleruth Naparstek On PTSD
Includes discussion about Belleruth's very wise and informative book - "Invisible Heroes: Survivors Of Trauma And How They Heal"

- Web site - Health Journeys - healthjourneys.com
See Blog (Categories in right column) and Store - guided imagery CDs and MP3s
Click "audio sample"

- I recommend - (Anxiety category) - "Relieve Stress" - "Panic Attacks"
(Military) - "Healing Trauma"

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Re: Terrifying Experience

Postby Skippy23000 » 29 Mar 2016 22:03

Personally I don't believe in paranormal attacks. I have had some very disturbing things happen during sleep paralysis but when I refused to give them any credibility, they just stopped. If you believe that the terror you experience in sleep paralysis IS something other than your own mental projections, you give it life. Its all your own mental projections though they certainly seem more than that when they happen to you. You have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. They are projections. ITS YOUR OWN UNRESOLVED STUFF.

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