Hello, and a question.

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Hello, and a question.

Postby Drebin » 11 Mar 2012 08:58

I should start off by saying that Lucid Dreaming has been something I was interested in for a while, but never had a place to really read into it. So this site/forum is amazing, and has really renewed my interest.

I've been practicing throughout the week, about 3 days. Once I actually started writing dreams right after I woke up I realized how much I actually dreamt, but here's the "problem"

I decided to attempt self hypnosis, just because it too interested me. I can relax fairly easy, however I can't reach the desired 'state' I used the advice on the site, to visualize yourself on the top of a stair case, and count down from 10. However, whenever I try I seem to go from alert to asleep. Without the in between, at least I think I'm asleep. I lose touch with my body, and then I start a dream, and almost immediately wake up in what (I perceive as) seconds.

I'm guessing this is where I need to be, but I'm losing my focus, drifting off and then snapping back?

I haven't had my first LD yet, and the dreams seem to be normal.

So my real question is, is this where I need to be for such a practice, and if so is there any tips for keeping focus?

Any other tips would be welcomed as well :P

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Re: Hello, and a question.

Postby RosenVitae » 16 Mar 2012 03:14

Hey there Drebin :) Welcome to the forums.

Beginners forum gave me many good answers, so it's a good place to start.

From your post, I'm guessing you're using selfhypnosis to do WILDs?
What you describe about "starting to dream" sounds much like hypnagogia to me, which usually pulls you into nonlucid, dreaming sleep (you'll want WILD techniques to become lucid). If you start having thoughts, you snap out of it and become aware again. Hypnagigia usually returns quickly if you keep relaxing and clear your mind.

Could you explain how you use selfhypnosis for this, exactly?
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