I just don't get a lucid dream

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I just don't get a lucid dream

Postby Terrenay » 12 May 2016 18:07

Hey there, I'm really struggling.
About one and a half years ago I discovered the world of lucid dreaming and of course wanted to have one too. So i started trying to recall my dreams and occasionally doing reality checks, but I just couldn't get into the habit. After some months without any progress I stopped doing RCs and everything, but the wish to have a lucid dream never disappeared.
So about two months ago I once again started making a real effort to get a lucid dream. I started writing my dreams down in the morning (into an app - is it important that you write your dreams onto a real piece of paper?) and doing like 20 RCs a day. In the beginning I had that same app remind me every 30 minutes to do a RC because I would've forgotten otherwise. About a week ago or so I was finally at the point where I would just randomly think about doing a RC and perform it - without the app's help.

Now here comes the problem: In over a year I have not once had a lucid dream. A pre-lucid one once (I was sure I was dreaming and I thought I could control the dream, but in reality I was only dreaming that I could control it). Since I have a very long way to school I can't do WBTB on weekdays but I always try to do it on weekends. On weekdays I sleep about 6 hours (I know, it's way too less. I can't change it).
When I wake up I usually turn around once, then after like 5 seconds remember that I must try to recall my dream and turn around to the position I woke up in, but the dream is already gone. If I make a real effort I can sometimes recall the last one or two scenes, but that's about it. It's weird: I know that I've had an extremely long dream, but the pictures just won't come.
Another problem is that I can't decide between doing a reality check right after waking up to ensure that it's not a WA and - as I said - remembering the dream. Doing a reality check lowers my chances of remembering it even more. But trying to recall the dream makes me forget to do a RC afterwards.
Once I REALLY had a WA and decided to recall the dream (which I remembered vividly and thoroughly). I wrote it down into my app and even told my father - only to then wake up for real and realize that I just missed and incredibly chance. To add insult to injury, I couldn't remember the dream I originally had in detail anymore once I was awake for real.

Soo... I'm kind of losing hope. Has anyone experienced something similar? Can anyone give me advice on what to do differently?

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Re: I just don't get a lucid dream

Postby Kate » 13 May 2016 06:47

Don't worry I had the same problem and just recently had my first lucid dream. Anyone is capable of having one and I felt the same way as you. Try experimenting with more techniques, reading about lucid dreaming for at least a half an hour before bed (this usually increases chances of having an LD since you have it on your mind) and if you want to wake up in the middle of the night but don't want to use an alarm just drink a glass of water before bed (this almost guarantees you'll wake up after a sleep cycle. Don't give up on it! Remember millions of people don't even know what a lucid dream is so at least your making an effort to have one. Anyone is capable of having an LD.

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Re: I just don't get a lucid dream

Postby Terrenay » 15 May 2016 12:04

Thanks for your Reply, Kate :)
Should I buy a book about lucid dreaming? (Or maybe even one about dreaming in general, from my favourite author? ;D) Then I could just read about dreams for a while every evening...
Do you have any recommendations about how to recall my dreams more vividly? Should I do a RC before or after recalling the dream? And would you recommend getting a real sort of diary to write the dreams in or should I stay with my app? :)

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Re: I just don't get a lucid dream

Postby Summerlander » 15 May 2016 12:30

I don't have much time now but I recommend that you read literature by Stephen LaBerge and Michael Raduga. It will aid your prep and practice. I have also published a guide on this website via Rebecca Turner. It's called 'The Phase State' by Arlindo Batista. That recipe may help you to induce lucid dreams. Good luck! :-)
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