Was it a lucid dream?

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Was it a lucid dream?

Postby Kletten » 24 Mar 2012 12:50

Hey! I'm new in this forum.
Well, I've been trying Lucid Dreaming with WBTB technique for one week.
Last night I remember that I was in a market with my friends, and suddenly I did a RC and realized I was in a lucid dream! But it lasted a few seconds and then I woke up. I think I didn't really woke up, because after that I dreamt about telling this experience to a friend o'mine. After this I remember another dream (in the same night) where I was in my room and did a reality check and failed it. I immediately felt goosebumps and I felt really happy. This dream lasted a long time. I went outside in the garden (it was night time) and managed to spawn some people. I don't know why I tried to kill one of them and I wasn't afraid of repercussions because I knew I was in a dream. Then I saw my parents in the house but they didn't see me. I tried to fly over the house but failed at it (kinda falled) and then I saw my friends watching a movie. I joined them and the movie was called "Lucid Dream 2012" :lol:
At that moment everything became fuzzy and I woke up. Then I had the last dream of the night... in wich I was telling this story to another friend o'mine.
That was a pretty intense night, but I don't know if I had two lucid dreams or I dreamt of having two lucid dreams!!!
Thanks and sorry for the mistakes :P

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Re: Was it a lucid dream?

Postby rothgar » 24 Mar 2012 21:32

You definitely had a lucid dream, and some false awakenings, too, which is common. Congrats!

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Re: Was it a lucid dream?

Postby Ryan » 24 Mar 2012 22:45

It's very easy to tell if you're having a lucid experience.
If you're "dreaming", and you know that you're dreaming WHILE you're doing it... then you're, at the very least, lucidly aware.

If you're unaware that you're "dreaming"... then you're not lucidly aware. Really simple.

A lot of people try to overcomplicated the issue unnecessarily.
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Re: Was it a lucid dream?

Postby Kletten » 25 Mar 2012 13:33

That's nice :D
The thing that made me wonder was the fact that I don't remember a time when I could say "well I'm in a lucid dream and that's amazing!". You know, I wasn't really logical and I went with the flow. But when I woke up I did already know that that was a dream.
I think it was semi-lucid. (I had another one tonight and at the beginning it was very lucid, but I got stuck in a semi lucid state... I think I need to train :D )

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