Almost lucid?

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Almost lucid?

Postby Tiana » 26 Mar 2012 10:50

Hello ,
I ordered 'to see hands and realise I am in a dream' technique, and all my dream a was staring at them, cut my nails and held them close...however the thought didn't cross my mind. I know I am consious because I am used to make judgement to everything I see during the dream or remind myself "oh remember this so that u can pass it on to that person later", but not the actual full control potential. I feel like more like an observer without astro travel abilities. Could please advice )) Thanks a bunch

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Re: Almost lucid?

Postby Ryan » 27 Mar 2012 03:21

The bare minimum of being "lucidly aware" is that you only realize you're dreaming. Nothing more.
Anymore more, and you start to get into being "astrally aware"... or as most call it an "astral projection".
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