Lucid Dream Schedule

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Lucid Dream Schedule

Postby TheBarracuda57 » 27 Mar 2012 18:45

I had my first lucid dream in over a year! It wasn't for long but I still did it! The list below is exactly what I did on that night before I slept and had a lucid dream. I hope this helps anyone.

1) I ate dinner 30 minutes earlier than usual
2) I had huge amounts of protein, I had steak and chips
3) My right nostril was blocked up
4) I emptied all my thoughts whilst having a bath
5) I watched the subliminal lucid dream video on this site
6) I meditated for 15 minutes, I emptied my head
7) I focused on dream-signs and realisations, I opened my eyes
8) I planned a dream scene and character encounter in journal
9) I drew pictures of the scene and of some dream-signs
10) I slept at 10:50pm (maybe asleep at 11:15pm)
11) I didn't daydream, I only thought of the comfy bed and sank
12) Exactly at 3:30 I woke up from a lucid dream

I hope this helps anyone reading. If anybody else is willing to share a schedule in which they had a lucid dream following it, that would be much appreciated.

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