Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Postby RationalMind » 18 Jul 2016 04:04

This has been happening for awhile now, but it's only been the past few months that I have really paid a lot of attention to it. I am not looking for 15 minutes of fame. I am really not the type of person that seeks out attention or is really comfortable about sharing with strangers. I'm not on drugs and I don't drink heavily or often. But I can't explain what I am experiencing and I don't have an explanation based on what I know about science and how the world works. I just feel a need to share this thing that is happening.

At first it was little things during the night while I am sleeping, I will feel the sensation that a weight is pressing down into the bed. I feel the tugging of my blanket and my mattress compressing. It isn't something large like the weight of a person. It can be best described as if you have a pet (small dog or cat) and it has laid down to sleep next to you on the bed. This would happen not very often, enough time would pass between incidents that I dismissed them as a by-product of a dream.

But a few months ago, I experienced my first sleep paralysis episode (that I can remember at least). I wasn't worried about it. I just wanted to go back to sleep. This wasn't a lucid dream, I was aware of my surroundings and I knew I was at home and in my bed. I tried to move my fingers and all I could do was barely twitch them. I could feel the weight on the bed and a presence of something in the room. The best way to describe it is a sensation of presence, like something was above me. I could feel a prickling/tingling sensation on my cheeks. I think it was speaking but I could hear no sound, but a dull roar or low white noise buzz in my ears that would come and go. What was happening to me was so crazy and kind of wonderful that I willed it to continue. It went on for a few seconds maybe up to a minute then it kind of dissipated and I work up completely. There was no one in the room. There was no mundane explanation, which would be more horrifying, like an intruder is breaking into my place and is standing over me while I sleep.

Since then, this visitation is happening quite frequently. I am more aware of it now. I haven't had anymore sleep paralysis episodes. I have wiggled my feet and fingers to confirm this. I can lay there in bed calmly aware of what I am experiencing. But it doesn't last very long until I loose focus and wake up ending the event.

I think it is a person, female, and young; but this may just be my personal bias and wish fulfillment coming through. But I will to refer to this entity as a she. She isn't malevolent and I have never felt in danger.

She will sit on the bed beside me. She has touched my legs and arms, I experience this as a surface tingling sensation. A couple times now she rapidly hits my mattress and I can feel the thumps. She has gotten upset at me. One time I was sleeping on my side and I felt something hit my shoulder from behind. It startled me and woke me up. The second time I was sleeping on my back and something hit my left inner thigh, again waking me up. It wasn't my hand that hit my thigh.

This has been happening more frequently and a couple months ago I taped a sheet of paper on my wall and I have been recording the nights that I have been aware of her presence. Sometimes she comes every night for a week. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a week or two. I travel for work infrequently and it doesn't happen when I'm away from home.

The stranger thing, as if being visited by an entity in my home isn't strange enough, is that I think whatever is happening is also tied into my dreams.

When I am sleeping well, I dream very vividly on an almost nightly basis wouldn't be uncommon. A lot of the times they are lucid. I know they are dreams but I don't try to take control. They're like movies when I'm sleeping and I participate.

One time, I can't remember if it was before or after my sleep paralysis episode, I was dreaming about work. I was walking around a facility and talking to a group of people in a hallway. I turn to a young lady standing in the group. I start to talk to her about work. She runs up and grabs me in a big bear hug. It startles me and I wake up. The dream was so vivid with colors, sound, and physical sensations.

My second lucid dream is more embarrassing. I am standing in a bedroom with someone, again female. We are getting dressed for an event/party. I'm looking in a mirror and buttoning up a shirt. We are talking about the day stuff like her job. She comes up behind me in a hug. I turn my head and we kiss. All the sensations are there, you would swear it was real. Then I wake up.

The thing is the very next night something very different happened. I'm dozing in my bed on my side early in the morning; not dreaming but not awake. Then I felt this rushing sensation like someone has rushed toward me into a full lip lock. I felt a cold wind like blowing on my face on body and a physical pressure on my face and lips. But I'm in bed, covers on, windows closed, and AC off. It hits me so suddenly I'm shocked awake. This isn't the last time that I experience this effect.

On the 30th of May, I was dozing in my bed on my side. I could feel a hand reach out and press into the middle of my back. The hand started to push and I could feel my torso and waist start to rotate slowly. Then I felt a cold wind blowing sensation on my back and it felt like someone had pressed themselves against my back in a hug. This time I tried to hold onto my state of unconsciousness but it slips through my fingers and I wake up.

She is still visiting my room, last night, most often. Infrequently in my dreams. Ironically since I am trying to be more aware during my dozing periods my sleep suffers and I dream less. The nights that she doesn't show up I sleep better and dream deeper. I think she realizes that she is affecting my sleep and dreaming. Recently she hasn't sat on the bed or touched me as often.

It actually feels good writing this all down. I'm not scared of what is happening. It's strange and bewildering and kind of wonderful. I actually feel kind of lonely when she doesn't show up, like we are in this weird relationship. I will continue to log my experiences. I should have started a dream journal a long time ago. But this is such a crazy thing I don't know if I'm insane and I'm losing touch with reality. But I look at this rationally and it is isolated to when I'm sleeping.

The world is crazy and messed up but rational and explained by science. Doesn't it need something magical and unexplained to make it more interesting?

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Re: Visitation

Postby Pilgrim » 18 Jul 2016 05:24

Thanks for sharing, Rational Mind.

If you feel that the bed sinks regularly, maybe you can video record the surface? My wife and I felt someone small walking or pressing on the bed, but it only happened once. I tried to convince myself that my wife was somehow causing the activity, but she reported to me the same experience. She said that she looked at me carefully to confirm that I was not moving.

Otherwise, I must say that I have many false awakenings in the bedroom. It is not really that I feel myself coming out of sleep falsely. It is more just like I think that I am awake, having insomnia, and such. I gained lucidity around this lying in bed dream just yesterday. I was able to fly through the house. What you perceive as real in the bedroom can easily be a dream. It can still be fun.

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Re: Visitation

Postby Peter » 19 Jul 2016 21:08

nice post, sounds like you are in both the dream world and the waking world and not aware of it. I had that a lot for years and its a great way to transit to the dream. Part of you is asleep and you are seeing what you see and feel due to that but your mind is still a bit in both worlds so you re not fully inside the dream. Its a wonderful spot and the feeling and experience are very powerful. Next time try to just observe what is going on and you might in an instant have your mind fully into the dream and be lucid.
Its a very good way to have a WILD
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