I'm really confused

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I'm really confused

Postby Ikamon357 » 28 Mar 2012 03:51

I know that I had a lucid dream but it was in no way, like one described by other people. In this dream, i thought about the possibility that I was dreaming. I tried my reeality check (pushing one hand through the other) and nothing happened. I kept walking around the dream thinking it was real until I passed a digital clock on a microwave that said 18:37 am. By then I was sure I was dreaming. The alarm clock begin to give off a whitenoise sound and the screen got all staticy like an old tv would. I retried my reality check but this time there was only a vague image of my hand passing through the other. I had no conscious senses except sight. It was the exact feelyou get in a normal dream. I know you are supposed to try and highten your clarity but that did not work. I had absolutely bo control over anything. As the dream progressed, I was forced on through a plot like ones in a typical dream and it slowly became more and more of a claustrophobic feel until everything became so vague that I had no conscious realization of anything. The dream just turned into a normal dream after that. :? . I am confused about this but I am certain this was a lucid dream because I had a complete realization that I was dreaming. Is there any way I could train myself to have more conscious willpower in dreams or any other help. I am completely obsessed with lucid dreaming and really want help now.
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