just starting out.

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just starting out.

Postby Crime0013 » 04 Apr 2012 23:34

This is my first post so please be nice. :)

I didn't experienced any LD yet that's because im only a beginner but i'm still trying though.
Okay so here goes.. my only problem is that ever since ive became aware of this so called lucid dreaming.. i am also having a hard time sleeping. not being a coward or anything but what if my dream is about ghosts or something.. When I start doing the techniques before I sleep i cant help imagining what might happen. considering the fact that what you think before you sleep is also what you will dream of.
I really really really want to experience this. Reading everyone's experiences makes me want to experience it more and more. Can someone tell me nothing bad will happen? Lol just for confidence. Haha

Any tips for a beginner will be so much appreciated. :)
Hope to experience this soon! ^__^

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Re: just starting out.

Postby Snaggle » 07 Apr 2012 01:17

Welcome to the forum Crime0013. No one can truthfully tell you you wont have lucid nightmares, but are you afraid of going to sleep because you might have a nightmare? Dreams usually come before nightmares when sleeping and you'll most likely become lucid in a dream rather than a nightmare using DILD. You should avoid the wake back to bed method as interrupting ones sleep has been proven to often induce sleep paralysis.
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Re: just starting out.

Postby Sky_Dreamer » 15 May 2012 03:46

Cool! i am also new to lucid dreming! I find i is easiest to think about something very real that could happen that i want to happen. (for example my home is in minnesota and i am curentley living out of state. I imagine flying on an air plane to minnesota. First i imagine it very raw, and as i get tired i slowly add more and more details.) This helps keep the bad dreams out for me and as you get more and more expeirienced you will get used to it. Also if you do have a bad dream remember it is only a dream and if you are lucid remember you are in control so just turn around and say when i turn back around the bad things will be gone. then turn around and it will most likley be gone! Hope this helps! - Sky_Dreamer

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